San Luis Obispo man arrested for smashing windows

October 12, 2014

arrestPolice arrested a 21-year-old San Luis Obispo man for smashing car windows on Foothill Boulevard early Friday morning.

Shortly before 3 a.m., a citizen called 911 to report a man was walking up Foothill Boulevard near Patricia Drive throwing objects at car windows. The caller said the man had damaged several vehicles.

When officers arrived, Charles Evert fled on foot. After a short pursuit, officers arrested Evert for felony vandalism and resisting arrests.

Evert is accused of damaging six vehicles. He is incarcerated in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $10,000.


One of Cuesta’s or Cal Poly’s finest inebriates? Would be interesting to know.

Arroyo Grande

FYI I know him and he was not under the influence of anything. He is mentally ill. And, he

was the victim of extreme child abuse and neglect. He needs treatment in a full time mental health facility but since we don’t have those for people like him we use jails and prisons. Themajority of incarcerated individuals have mental health issues.


Regardless of what he did or why he did it, you have no right trying to diagnosis him, especially with your lack of education… seeing that you’re a Spanish teacher. Mental illness is not something you should be making claims about. Maybe you should focus on yourself rather than discussing others lives. Trying to escape your own life problems by taking on/attempting to fix the problems of others is hurting those individuals more than helping them.


Bail should be much more severe for the impact on the victims, their insurance rates will likely rise over the window replacement claim, time lost, loss of sense of security.

Suggest a NO vote on Prop 47 which will make a $ 900 damage, ripping a chain from a woman’s neck valued under $ 950, stealing under $ 950 into a simple MISDEMEANOR. Amazing that District Attorneys (lazy) are campaigning for this reduction in crime ranking severity.


Vandals like this should have to face and make personal restitution to each property owner. Wouldn’t it be a great deterrent if this kid had to arrange to fix every window he broke.


Was he in AG recently?


Wonder if the City Manager or Mayor of AG were taking out their frustrations.