Atascadero man struck and killed on Morro Road

October 12, 2014

chalkA 62-year-old man was killed after he was struck by a car in Atascadero Saturday evening. [PasoRoblesDailyNews]

Shortly before 8 p.m., Dennis Quick of Atascadero walked onto Morro Road, just east of Atascadero Avenue, and was hit by a vehicle. Emergency personnel responded and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Atascadero police determined Quick had unlawfully entered the roadway.

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Thank God his family will get MILLIONS from the city, and whatever business is nearby…..

Dam those cyclists, we need to pick off a few and show em who owns the road.

Sad to hear of people killed by their own actions. I am so very surprised there were not more deaths this weekend. The bicycle riders out and around Creston this weekend were out of control! I was towing a horse trailer and came across tens of groups of bicyclists completely ignoring the rules of the road, riding 3,4,5 abreast to the center line from the shoulder ignoring the cars and trucks behind them. From their arrogance, I truly felt they were stupid and/or had a death wish! CHP needs to patrol these organized rides and start scratching some tickets to these bicyclists!

Yep, it was a zoo this weekend. I “finally” was able to pass a group of around 12 riding abreast and they wouldn’t go into single file.

On topic, how was it determined the deceased “unlawfully entered the roadway”? What constitutes that?