Is Capps upset with Obama?

January 21, 2015
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

Central Coast Rep. Lois Capps praised President Barack Obama for his State of the Union address Tuesday night, but took an uncharacteristic jab at the commander in chief for passing over the subject of gun control.

Capps credited Obama with growing the economy, creating jobs and lowering gas prices, in a statement released to the media Tuesday night. She, too, stated that healthcare costs are rising at a slower pace under Obama’s leadership than in the past.

However, the Democratic congresswoman said a discussion of reducing gun violence was lacking from the president’s address.

“We are only two years removed from the State of the Union where President Obama took the dais — weeks after the Newtown massacre — and vowed action,” Capps said. “Since then, dozens of people have been killed in mass shootings — including right here on the Central Coast — and thousands have died from senseless gun violence, while no substantial legislative changes have been made.”

Capps’s guest at Tuesday’s State of the Union was Richard Martinez, the father of a UC Santa Barbara student killed in shooting spree last May in Isla Vista. Martinez’s son Christopher was one of four people, including the perpetrator, killed by gunfire in the attack.

In response, Capps introduced the Pause for Safety Act, which would allow judges to order the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed mentally ill. A similar bill became law in California, but Capps did not succeed in pushing her legislation through Congress.

Earlier Tuesday, Capps reintroduced the bill. She said it is the type of common sense policy that politicians should support.

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I don’t know who wrote this article but if this is a quote from Lois Capps and her frustration with Obama lets get the information right to the public. The kid in question in the shooting spree at UCSB was not a student there. The kids he shot were students. After intensive investigation the kids was at one time a student at Santa Barbara City College BUT had stopped going to classes in 2012 so had dropped out. This shooting spree happen in 2014. So for almost two years mommy and daddy have been paying for son to live in an area, where there had been numerous problems with him at parties, disturbing the peace in the community and having enough money to purchase guns or pay for therapy sessions which he was seeing a therapist his parents knew about. Lois Capps will attach her coat stings on to anybody that will give her some attention to her and in this case, it is sad she is doing it with the deaths of innocent kids. This boy had issues stemming from when he was 8 years old that should’ve been the responsibility of parents but in this case the kid was a victim of a divorce, and struggled with his mix race identity. There is evil in this world and when parents refuse to see it and deal with it, instead of using the out of sight out of mind approach we will always have problems. More gun control is not the answer. Looking in the mirror once in awhile and seeing what’s staring at you in the face just may be the answer.

Theo P. Neustic

Nailed it

JB Bronson

If Capps had any relevancy, Obama might care, but she does not.

Does she think the White House doesn’t know how she handled the Morua incident with the attempt to cover-up and disown responsibiliity?

Jorge Estrada

France is a recent example of gun laws. See how it works over there and put that story on the news, oops, it was on the news. Scream, bang bang bang bang bang bang, get the picture?


One group of right wing extremists killed another bunch of right wing extremists.

What’s the problem ?

I see it as a Win/Win.


So THIS is news? Lois Capps takes a break from repeating whatever Nancy Pelosi tells her to say and starts speaking classic Dianne Frankenstein rhetoric? The fact that she is saying anything must mean the Democrats must be preparing for an election, otherwise she can do her job as seat warmer without ever opening her mouth. Yawn. Somebody alert the press should she ever have an original thought, otherwise stop wasting valuable copyspace where something more newsworthy (like man bites dog) can be printed.


Go play in the street / interstate. Help improve the gene pool.

Theo P. Neustic

Another deep reply. You should go back to marking red thumbs on all the replies of those you loathe. At least that’s good for a laugh.


I gotta give you ‘conservatives’ credit ! You believe what you believe , no matter what !

Your convictions outweigh …well EVERYTHING. Good people in a cause ( course…THAT’s debatable as to whether the cause is good, or bad…but I digress. )

Anyway, you ARE dependable. You are to be complimented on that.

My Dad was a Tech-Sarge in WWII, from Normandy until Bastogne ( when he was field promoted by General Omar Bradley into S-4…Intelligence )

So, he had field command, even over officers, when in battle.

That is when he COMMANDED your redneck, conservative …uncles, cousins, and maybe fathers to attack and kill the fascist Nazi’s that were trying to, and would, kill them.

Thankfully, no soldier under my Dad’s orders were ever wounded or killed.

They DID kill many Nazi’s, though.

I’m glad they did kill those Nazi’s, but I’m not sure that you ‘conservatives’ today would be so inclined.


LOL well You win…it normally only takes three words to call someone a Nazi. But no matter how many words are used it still crosses the infantile line.


I’m curious….what three words ? Is it a (secret) code or hand signal like the ‘Van Buren Boys’ of Seinfeld fame ?

Doesn’t matter.

Yeaah, I win. I always win.

You can’t go back, Ram !


Seinfeld? Now you’re showing your age. lol


Older and wiser HAHAHA ! Not much richer here 0n earth, sorry to say…but my riches are in heaven!

Thanks for the good reparte !


Indeed….Richness in our souls and prosperity in our lives.


Oh and one more thing…I’m not a Ram…I’m Rambunctious. A Ram is a surefooted horned majestic Animal that eats grass from the slopes of great mountains. I’m just Rambunctious.


See…I’m not afraid of the phony “Godwin” argument that negates, by implication, the insertion of ‘Nazism’ as some outcast and verboten sentiment.

Some people…particularly MANY Republicans and crepe clothed ‘conservatives’ act and operate and THINK ,,,exactly as the German Nazi’s did.

Why NOT call them out and label then as such ? Are we so mealy-mouthed, overly polite, and cowardly timid to not speak the TRUTH ?

Sure, many are. But I am not one of them.

So, try and kill me…because that is what it will take to stop me from proclaiming the truth.

The contemporary American Republican Party of 2015 is indistinguishable from the Nazi’s in Germany of the 1930’s.



McLuhan’s famous quote to the contrary, perception is not always reality. Your perception of the truth is frequently flawed — particularly due to your inability to see the hypocrisy and lies of the politicians and party you support. Feinstein, for instance, is every bit as much a “Nazi” as almost any Republican you can name (except maybe Cheney) — based on her voting records, not her rhetoric.


Hey Lois! he also told us we can keep our Doctor and our health plan. Bwaaahahahahahaha

Guess what Lois…He lies.


Is Capps upset with Obama? Who really cares….?


When guns are outlawed in America

it will be the Republicans that do it.


No, the GOP needs the votes from pro-gun people. They will only indirectly aid in outlawing guns by helping authorize the NSA (etc.) to learn every detail needed about citizens for militarized police to enforce gun seizures commanded by Democrats.


Actually, the totalitarians that have hijacked the Republican Party , and are thus now “the Republicans”, won’t bother with laws, and they won’t care how many guns you, the average schmuck has. They’ll just use a drone strike or some other form of remote killing.

Most Democrats, liberals, progressives would like to make it harder for crazy people to have access to guns.

The totalitarian Republicans want to make sure that only crazy people have them.

It’s as simple as that.


Barack Hussein Obama – champion of the middle class – planning to gut the tax advantages of 529 college savings plans and force the masses into his Community College scheme.


If you want to live like a Republican, vote Democratic.

If you want to live like a slave, vote Republican.