Santa Maria robbers target Taco Bell

January 21, 2015

urlIn recent months, Santa Maria robbers have targeted liquor stores, convenience stores, Kmart and a steakhouse. On Monday, it was Taco Bell’s turn to get robbed. [KEYT]

Just after 6 a.m., two masked gentlemen entered the Taco Bell located at 1807 North Broadway. They informed workers that they had a gun and then demanded money, according to Santa Maria police.

But, the robbers opted to steal personal property from one of the employees and leave. No one suffered any injuries during the heist.

Taco Bell cameras inside and outside of the restaurant caught the robbery, but police have not yet found the suspects. The restaurant is located in a business district with shopping centers, hotels and other restaurants nearby.

Santa Maria police request that anyone with information about the crime contact the department at (805) 928-3781.



  1. guest says:

    At least CalCoastNews is reporting this crime. People need to know that their city is turning into a ghetto. Many people just want to ignore local crime. Thanks CCN for keeping the local residents informed!

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  2. Jorge Estrada says:

    Crime is no longer news but a speedy trial would be.

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  3. Rambunctious says:

    You know? This really ticks me off because Taco Bell is the only Fast Food Joint that I’ve yet to resist…I don’t know what it is…

    Leave Taco Bell alone you crooks! lol

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    • Rambunctious says:

      Actually it did tick me off when they got rid of the original TOSTADA!!!!!!Oh well….

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  4. Ben Daho says:

    “Gentlemen” No, Really. It said that. scroll up!

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  5. achillesheal says:

    They left with an undisclosed amount of $1 bills. When caught, for their punishment, they should be forced to eat there.

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  6. Rich in MB says:

    Yo querro Taco Bell?

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  7. tomsquawk says:

    “two masked gentlemen” right; gentlemen. if caught, the gentlemen should forced to eat some Taco Bell food.

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    • achillesheal says:

      sorry if I copied your remark (see above). I didn’t see it before I posted.

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