Is Capps upset with Obama?

January 21, 2015
Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps

Central Coast Rep. Lois Capps praised President Barack Obama for his State of the Union address Tuesday night, but took an uncharacteristic jab at the commander in chief for passing over the subject of gun control.

Capps credited Obama with growing the economy, creating jobs and lowering gas prices, in a statement released to the media Tuesday night. She, too, stated that healthcare costs are rising at a slower pace under Obama’s leadership than in the past.

However, the Democratic congresswoman said a discussion of reducing gun violence was lacking from the president’s address.

“We are only two years removed from the State of the Union where President Obama took the dais — weeks after the Newtown massacre — and vowed action,” Capps said. “Since then, dozens of people have been killed in mass shootings — including right here on the Central Coast — and thousands have died from senseless gun violence, while no substantial legislative changes have been made.”

Capps’s guest at Tuesday’s State of the Union was Richard Martinez, the father of a UC Santa Barbara student killed in shooting spree last May in Isla Vista. Martinez’s son Christopher was one of four people, including the perpetrator, killed by gunfire in the attack.

In response, Capps introduced the Pause for Safety Act, which would allow judges to order the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed mentally ill. A similar bill became law in California, but Capps did not succeed in pushing her legislation through Congress.

Earlier Tuesday, Capps reintroduced the bill. She said it is the type of common sense policy that politicians should support.

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Josh Payne

I forgot the rule of law has magical powers. When you outlaw things, they cease to exist! Like when alcohol was outlawed. No one drank anymore. Or the prohibition of drugs of today. We all know that no one does drugs anymore. We need this magical evocation to ban all guns now, so they will magically disappear.


We regulate automobiles and restrict their usage to responsible adults.

We don’t let just anyone, even ordinary law-abiding citizens, deal with or own high explosives. Fissionable materials that can be used to construct an atomic device are even more restricted.


Guns are not regulated or restricted?

Everyone who owns an automobile is responsible?


Are you asking me … or telling me ?


Republicans, especially those in congress, are tools of the NRA. They will continue to oppose all common sense legislation that would obviate and mitigate the proliferation of guns, and by extension, gun violence.

They will continue to do this because they just don’t care, and won’t care, until a massacre happens that affects Republicans, one of their prominent members, or someone in their own family.

President Obama knows this, and knows that it’s just a matter of time until it happens.

As far as this article, the headline is deceptive in that this one issue ( that is important ) that Congresswoman Capps has exception to, is an outlier. Besides, President Obama spoke well and long about this during last years SOTU to congress, and the Republicans did nothing.

She pretty much supported everything else the President addressed last night in his State Of The Union speech.


Nice copy and paste talking points. Common sense gun legislation? Oh please enlighten us to your vast knowledge of firearms, token know nothing know it all. As a licensed ffl who also had a class 3 I anciously awIt your intelligent response…


Wait, wait, ….Don’t tell me. Your real name is Floyd R. Turbo.

BTW, I copy and pasted nothing. I challenge you to find anywhere else the words I posted.


Still waiting for your intelligent examples of “common sense gun legislation” as you so elegantly put it. Or are you going to talk around the question again?


Rigorous enforcement of the Brady Bill ( Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act ).

{ Here’s case evidence where some Republicans ‘cared’ after Republican President Reagan was shot and seriously wounded and his Republican press secretary Jim Brady almost died and was handicapped for life. }

Reinstitute the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that was allowed to expire in 2004 by a Republican Congress and a Republican president.

Institute a national High Capacity Magazine Ban.

Amend the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to include transfers between private parties.

Expand the Sullivan Act nationally.


BTW …..Those of you that think you know everything are very annoying to those of us that do.


Oh my! I did not realize you were so ‘log-cabinny’ !

Do you get the vapors often like that He-Man, Senatorette Lindsey “Huckleberry Closetcase” Graham ?

Do you have a BEARD ?

Are you posting here looking for a date ?

( Barking up the wrong tree here, ICYWTK , but I DO appreciate the compliment ! )

Might find a BEAR in the bushes here on CCN among the usual huffers and puffers that contribute.

Kevin Rice

What’s missing is a Congresswoman sobriety law. And term limits. And honesty.


If Ms. Capps is “upset” with Obama, what difference does it make? She has never voted against his instructions, and never will.


In order for Capps to be upset with Obama she would have to be capable of having an original thought.


“In response, Capps introduced the Pause for Safety Act, which would allow judges to order the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed mentally ill.” I didn’t see this written in the bill? Did I miss it?

Rather I read a peace officer will make the determination not the court or mental health specialist whether firearms shall be confiscated. Only then will a judge via a hearing determine whether the firearms should be returned.

Not common sense if this is the case. Easy to confiscate but difficult to get back. Guilty until proven innocent?

So a similar bill passes and she still blames Obama? To me it says a lot about her bill.


Even though I disagree with the substance of your comment, I have to commend you for sticking with the content of the article and not resorting to ad hominem strawman arguments as so many of the other posters have here.


Two savage hyenas. I don’t care who is upset, because what’s really important is I’m upset – but that doesn’t matter.

Mitch C

This lady is soooooo out of touch with reality. Why oh why was she re-elected. Hopefully she will decide that this will her last term. We, as a nation, have some real problems, we need quality people to address them – Capps does not qualify under the heading of quality.

Rich in MB

Here is the fact Central Coast.

You sent a Democrat into a deeply Republican House of Representatives.

So what does that mean? It means what Calls thinks, wants, says, feels, talks about, and supports doesn’t matter!

Calls us in the minority party, so she can pretty much stay home for the next two years and then retire.

You want the truth….where there it is, like it or not.


what does that mean? Depends are we playing politics or football?


zaphod …. If there were a Republican Football League they would have no referees and they would make up rules AND ignore them as they went along ( whatever was to their advantage at the time ).

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