Should all illegal immigrants receive free health care?

October 4, 2015

StethoscopeOf California’s 58 counties, only 10, including San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, do not provide undocumented juveniles state funded health coverage. In June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget that funds healthcare for such children. [LATimes]

Polls show Californians split over whether or not to provide all illegal immigrants health insurance, a proposal that would cost the state about $1 billion a year. Approximately 2.6 million undocumented immigrants live in the Golden State.

Aside from California, the rest of the nation’s laws bar those here illegally from signing up for insurance under the landmark Affordable Care Act.


Sure, but only if to pay for it the state comes up with the money by cutting salaries, pensions and benefits and eliminating employees, boards and agencies. At no time can they raise taxes or fees or such or shuffle money around to pay for it, deal?


Morally-insane demofascists are under the illusion that freeloading criminals will vote for them and keep them in office.


Our legislators are talking about a State CadillacTax on all employer paid insurance benefits of 40%. The Unions have been soliciting our President for a waiver. Uncle Joe will probably give it to them which is why the Unions have not committed to Hillary.. Starting in 2017 Federal Cadillac Tax will be imposed on all employees getting paid employer insurance at the rate of 40%. California also wants to impose an additional State Cadillac Tax to pay for the illegal kids and all the MediCal Clients because starting in 2017 Federal Gov is reducing the amount the states will get for MediCal and Obama Care by 10% and the States are expected to pick up this tab. Don’t worry, they are going to do ianother 20% in 2018,

Someone has to pay for all the folks getting their free health care!

Shocked in MB

People misunderstand about these benefits. It is not what we give today (medical care for illegal juveniles), it is the fact that it becomes an attraction for more people to come here illegally in the future to get those benefits. Politicians never heard the term “close the barn door after the horses are out of the barn-or IN the barn in this case”.


This state is in the fast lane headed straight to bankruptcy and I feel for the future children of the LEGAL residents of California. Property owners they are coming for you.


Sure, why the heckle not, they get everything else, EXCEPT a one way trip to wherever they came from. Oh, but not until after they vote (several times) in the upcoming presidential election.


Time out! Back up the Brink’s trucks. Wouldn’t it just be more practical to simply hand over the keys to the state to all the illegal immigrants?

Rich in MB


Lets just bankrupt the State sooner rather than later and get it over with, then we can rebuild from the ashes. Matter of fact, I think we should mandate a living wage of $20/hr. Those Dems are heartless by stopping at $15, who can live on that really anyway.

$20/hr minimum

4 weeks paid vacation

Stress leave of up to 6 months

And if you promise to vote Democrat, heck, lets give them another 5 weeks paid vacation as a reward.

See you in Texas.


Why not make taxpayers provide them with condos and cars too?

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