Should all illegal immigrants receive free health care?

October 4, 2015

StethoscopeOf California’s 58 counties, only 10, including San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, do not provide undocumented juveniles state funded health coverage. In June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget that funds healthcare for such children. [LATimes]

Polls show Californians split over whether or not to provide all illegal immigrants health insurance, a proposal that would cost the state about $1 billion a year. Approximately 2.6 million undocumented immigrants live in the Golden State.

Aside from California, the rest of the nation’s laws bar those here illegally from signing up for insurance under the landmark Affordable Care Act.


You haven’t even touch the “prison system” here in California ,or “Cal-Mexico ” as they call it. We even “pay” the inmates here for working inside the prison, and what for? They already receive all food, clothing, shelter, medical, dental, Eyecare, free legal representation and transportation to an outside hospital for care. So how can we not cover these poor helpless, defenseless, honest, law biding illegals who bring their drugs, crime, gangs, and poor attitudes here to our great state, their right to also have all this free just because the rest of us have to work and pay high taxes for this. “Poor babies…”. We are the only country in the world who allows this. “Figure that??”


My daughter had a reaction to a medication. She had a seizure and spent less than 24 hours in a nearby hospital where she tested negative for every drug or alcohol but the prescribed medication in question. That hospital stay cost my family $3200 out of pocket. That same night, the ER was full of people getting “free” care for “abdominal pain”, “fever”, and other ailments. It might help to note that eating a bag of cheetos and filling a 3 year olds BOTTLE with soda might not be helping that abdominal pain, but hey, that ER visit is “free” for some….

As a side note, my daughter broke 3 teeth when she hit her face on concrete, so my bill didn’t include dental. Yay??

Look, I understand the “humanity” of helping those who need medical care. I just have a problem with the FREE part of it. People don’t appreciate ANYTHING when it is FREE FOR THEM. I am telling you because I saw it over and over. Charge low income people a copay and they won’t go to the ER for everything.

The US didn’t promise to provide FREE stuff for everyone. Do people understand what they are asking? It is one thing to give people a check up and preventative vaccines. It is another thing entirely to pay for everyone to have bypass surgery, 5 rounds of chemo, 10 NICU stays, and all those babies medical care from 0-18. I mean come ON.


I feel for you, before my Mom died she suffered from sudden onset anemia, and I would have to take her to the ER for a transfusion. The ER was always filled with illegals and their deathly ill kids (playing football (soccer) in the hallways. Think one of them would stand up and let my Mom sit down? Nope.



This is HEALTH WELFARE and nothing more. Not just for the people who want to break the law, but also the over-burdened tax-payer who has to pay through the nose to not even come close to balancing out this massive hand-out.

This is why the people in California are viewed as a breakfast cereal:

… If it’s not Fruits or Nuts, then it’s Flakes.


AGAIN – the stupidity of our politicians and the dumbfounding actions of continually “rewarding” and providing “benefits” to families who BREAK OUR LAWS?!?!?? Why do we keep doing this? My insurance has gone up SO MUCH and now I put off going to the doctor…and I SHOULDN’T have to because of paying for people who shouldn’t be here! The more “freebies” we give out the more incentive and the more people coming here illegally – they get a mixed message about be law abiding citizens. It’s SO IRRItating and all the meanwhile, myself, as an AMERICAN CITIZEN am becoming more and more resentful of the people who are here ILLEGALLY and am so tired of paying for them! So, what inccentive do I have to keep “following the rules”? In order to “help MY family” then is it OK for me to break laws?? Why are their families more important than AMERICAN CITIZENS’ families? Our politicians don’t get it because they have a reguluar paycheck and probably great benefits. But if you’re self-employed and trying to get ahead all these increases really affect your bottom line. And ObamaCare has made the health insurance even WORSE – to be giving it to ILLEGALS – which in actuality will probably make our premiums go up MORE since they will be subsidized…just really, really angers!!


No!!! Not when my grandkids can’t afford to be covered! This is pure lunacy!!!


And lets not forget the thousands of veterans who can’t get medical care because of funding shortages. Let’s cover everyone of them first, then consider others.


I don’t think we should deny “free health care” to any group or individual.

To do so would deprive the health insurance companies access to untold billions of dollars of premiums (and politicians millions of dollars of campaign money) and we sure don’t want that to happen.

Just what is “free health care” anyway? Can someone define it for me?


Free health care is SLAVERY.

There, defined. It MUST force some people to work for other people without any compensation. By definition, anyway.

We’re getting there.


OK gotcha.

You’d prefer to be a slave to an insurance company rather the government. You only have two choices you know.

Insurance companies have one short term goal, the next quarterly stockholder’s meeting. Your (and my) healthcare is not first on their priority list.

fishing village

People who have no health insurance to see a doctor before things get really bad just go to our emergency rooms….the most expensive health care type in the country/world!! So, do the math. We are in a bind with so many illegals in our country. Uncle sap…borders are too open. Wouldn’t you come here if you could?


Yes I would! And on this, we agree. (and we almost never agree).

The problem is not wholly with the people taking advantage of the looters giving away what they steal, the problem is with the looters and their stealing.


No no no…HELL NO!


It would be much more humane for us to pay for all healthcare needs of the citizens of Mexico while they are still in their country. It is deplorable that we make these people slog through the desert just to be able to get all of the free services they seek.


Perhaps America should cover Americans first. Citizens are losing their homes and assets to pay for astronomical medical costs while we see Illegals getting free medical! I have worked with Illegals over the years and have never met one who didn’t have medical coverage. They are taught how to exploit the American system that is riddled with loopholes that allow billions of our tax dollars to given to non citizens. It’s maddening and you can see why The Donald is leading in the polls. We are sick and tired of paying for everyone while living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps we wouldn’t feel this way if we were a thriving America. Politicians have ruined that. How many fundraising events do we see for little children because their American working parents can’t afford the cost of treatment? Time to cut benefits for non citizens. Americans first in America.


Politicians have ruined that? So who elected the politicians? That’s the core of the problem.


Nobody is forcing them into the desert. They choose and pay to do that.