Should all illegal immigrants receive free health care?

October 4, 2015

StethoscopeOf California’s 58 counties, only 10, including San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, do not provide undocumented juveniles state funded health coverage. In June, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a state budget that funds healthcare for such children. [LATimes]

Polls show Californians split over whether or not to provide all illegal immigrants health insurance, a proposal that would cost the state about $1 billion a year. Approximately 2.6 million undocumented immigrants live in the Golden State.

Aside from California, the rest of the nation’s laws bar those here illegally from signing up for insurance under the landmark Affordable Care Act.


The first question to ask is “Is anything free”? The answer is obviously no. Someone is paying for the services, whether it is the doctor or hospital who bills the patient but receives no compensation for their services rendered, or it is those who pay ridiculously high premiums to cover their families for health insurance.

The headline should read, should those who work, pay taxes, and are forced to have health insurance be compelled to pay for illegals?


Yes they should be given medical treatment for what ails them, billed for services rendered and then arrested and deported for illegal activity.

Jorge Estrada

Charge their country for the bus trip back by withholding foreign aid dollars.


No,my insurance went from 450/month to 1150/month after nobummers stupid health care act, why, to pay for this crap,I’m tired of paying,I’ve never used health ins and this is what happens.


The only thing anyone who is doing something illegal should receive is due process for the illegal behavior. There should be no reward for illegal behavior of any kind. If you want to hand out “free” medical care for anyone, it should be the hardworking, tax paying citizens of the United States. Why are we discriminating against citizens? It has to stop, there IS no free lunch, someone has to pay and while the government may print money without anything to back it up and spend it like there’s no tomorrow; the taxpayers have to cough it up and try to keep up with actually paying their way for everything.


Quick, somebody tell me again how much the illegals add to our state! How they pay taxes, how they are only here to work and make everything so much nicer for the rest of us. Anyways, thanks for bringing back the up and down thumbs…


No country, nation, or society in recorded history has sustained forced tax increases as those being placed on this nation today without an eventual complete and total collapse. Then the hordes move in! Think of the Roman society and the Goths, Vandals, and other Barbarians, and replace it with those today waiting in the wings; ISIS, Putin, Kim Jong-un, Iran, and Al-Qæda.


No. Ship them all back to wherever they came from.

Trump 2016


Due to the low cost of housing, a very sick life time resident moved in with his daughter in Oregon, while looking for affordable housing. He began to run out of his medications. After a much needed doctor visit for refills, the man learned that unless he had been in Oregon for more than a year, he was not eligible for county or state assistance. The man has diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Bipolar Disorder, and several other conditions that require medication. The man return to CA, where is MediCal pays for his life sustaining medication. He is now homeless, but alive. My point is this, when other states won’t even take care of our citizens, is CA going to carry every sick person from Mexico, South America, Syria, and who knows where, because other states refuse to pay for insurance? I am not saying everyone should have care when they are ill, but for those who came to this county, without passports or following the law, it looks like we are not only ignoring the fact that they are breaking the law, but we are encouraging, rewarding them when the cross the finish line.