California student paper gives ‘safe space’ to minorities

November 23, 2015

race relationsIn response to protests over issues pertaining to race, the student newspaper for California’s Claremont Colleges is offering ink and an unfiltered voice to people of color. The editorial board of “The Student Life” made the announcement earlier this month. [Fox News]

“So for those who don’t feel all the messages of solidarity are enough, or who feel the mainstream media is misguided in representing people of color, or who feel compelled to speak and be heard, we would like to re-purpose its influence by providing a space in next week’s issue for students of color to voice their experiences,” The Student Life editorial board stated. “We will proofread but we will not edit your voice or content.”

On Nov. 12, protests over race relations caused the Claremont McKenna dean to resign. The demonstrations included hunger strikes and were similar to those at the University of Missouri, Yale and Ithaca College.

The Claremont Colleges protests also led the Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps College to advertise an event “only for people of color and allies that they invite.”

However, not all students in the private college system have supported the protest movement.

“It’s an issue that students have been very divided on,” said Steven Glick, the publisher of Claremont McKenna’s independent newspaper, the Claremont Independent. “It’s something that, at a school of 1,200 students for Claremont McKenna College, a letter signed by 300 students in criticism of the protests was sent out.”

Glick also said “The Student Life” is a school-funded newspaper that is supposed to be neutral and non-partisan, so it should not side with one group or the other on the issue.


Wrap them up in foam rubber, put blinders on them and insert earplugs into their ears. They won’t be able to learn but they will be safe.

“Hear no evil speak no evil see no evil”

“Sticks and stone may hurt my bones but names will never hurt me”


The problem with “safe space” and similar activities is that the activity is segregation of one class from another. This forces people to view one group as different from another, which is contrary to becoming a united America. We need leaders who promote the idea that we are all Americans first, not a bunch of splintered groups who are each entitled to special attention.


If that were to happen there would be no need for those that make their money and get their votes from the perpetually aggrieved.

That’s why it will never end.


Will pacifiers be handed out, too?

Parents, if you are footing the bills for your kids to go to what used to be universities, then it’s time to demand your money back. You are being ripped off.


What we are seeing is the end result of “helicoptering parenting.” Constant affirmation, constant praise and never allowed to fail at anything.

If it was 1940 and THIS was the generation that had to go to war we would have lost, largely because these kids would have believed the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor was a justified blow against white racism!

I pray that we don’t have widespread terror attacks in America, but if we do I will be interested what these whiners will say about real injustice and terror.

Kaiser Bill

Meanwhile at Berkeley, the mere fact of white students organizing like all other races have been able to do conjures up thoughts of Nazis.


“….for those who don’t feel all the messages of solidarity are enough….feel free to simply get your asses educated and on your merry way! There’s no life guidebook that says anything going to be fair so you might as well learn that now”.


I know what we need, we need places only whites can go, that way “People of Color” will feel safe. “People of Color” could have their own entrances, their own seats on the bus, their own water fountains, etc. Oh, wait, we tried that huh? Never mind.


Well put. I wrote a similar quote before reading yours. You said it better!

Kevin Rice

Racist (“only for people of color”).


There is always Liberia and they speak English

Kaiser Bill

But these coddled students can’t live in a cocoon that caters to them in Liberia while they major in “Black Studies” or “Chican@ Studies” or “Feminist Studies”