California women to get faster access to birth control

November 23, 2015

birth controlCalifornia is one of two states set to allow women to obtain birth control without visiting a doctor. [New York Times]

In the next few months, women in California and Oregon will be able to get contraceptive prescriptions directly from pharmacists. Under the new laws, pharmacists may prescribe hormonal contraceptives, including pills, patches and rings.

Pharmacists can prescribe birth control after a short screening process in which women fill out questionnaires about their health and medical histories. California pharmacists will likely take a woman’s blood pressure before prescribing contraceptives that contains estrogen.

The new law in California sets no age restriction for the new form of access to contraceptives. In Oregon, teens under 18 will have to obtain their first birth control prescription from a doctor.

State Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican, sponsored the legislation in Oregon.

“I feel strongly that this is what’s best for women’s health in the 21st century, and I also feel it will have repercussions for decreasing poverty because one of the key things for women in poverty is unintended pregnancy,” Buehler said.

About half of the 6.6 million pregnancies that occur annually in the United States are unintended. Reproductive health groups and medical associations increasingly say contraceptives should be available over-the-counter.

Most western countries require women to obtain a doctor’s prescription for hormonal contraceptives. Federal law thus far has not made birth control available over-the-counter.

In Congress, Republican senators have recently endorsed legislation that would allow contraceptive manufacturers to apply for FDA over-the-counter approval. Some Democrats and women’s groups have been more concerned with specifying that over-the-counter contraceptives be covered by insurance.

Obamacare does not require plans to cover over-the-counter medications.

fishing village

Women and young girls deserve a choice. I applaud this effort to help those who want to stop unwanted births.


Hard working Californians pay taxes. Hard working Californians buy insurance. Health insurance pays for free womens conceptive prescriptions. Now a pharmacy will be paid to make more money from the pharmacies. JUST GO TO A DAMN WOMAN’S HEALTH CENTER.

Considering over half the people in California are on FREE Medi-Cal and can’t get a Dr to see them I guess our State government is going to start making the pharmacies the new Obamacare Office in town at a cost to the taxpayers. Remember. nothing is free!

Let’s bend over a little more so our wonderful legislators can screw us more!

Ted Slanders


What’s the alternative for the poor? More babies born from incest, rape, unwanted, addicted to drugs, etc.?

I rarely see my true Christian brethren lining up to adopt these types of babies described above subsequent to calling out the poor in that they shouldn’t receive birth control altogether or have an early term abortion.

Women either get their birth control from their doctors, Family Planning Clinics, or now from over the counter pharmacies.In either case, it’s one woman at a time receiving it and in the end, the costs remain the same.

“For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.” (Deuteronomy 15:11)


Actually this would save not cost taxpayers. If it becomes over the counter then it is just like all your other over the counter meds. Insurance doesn’t pay over the counter.

Most likely backed by insurance as it will save them money.


Are you sure Obamacare wouldn’t to pay for it even if it becomes OTC?, my guess is Obamacare will still pay for it regardless.


I’m going off of present setup till I hear of any changes unless you know something?


SLOBIRD, I’m a hardworking California who pays taxes and buys insurance. But, I also like to save taxes including my own.

So, lets be reasonable here. Contraception will ultimately reduce our welfare and Medi-Cal costs as it is the underclass that keeps spawning hordes of kids who suck up welfare and overpopulate the schools.

I’ve read that it takes $250,000 to raise a child to 18. If it costs $25 per month for contraception, over 18 years that comes to $5400. Subtract that from $250,000 and we are saving a wheelbarrow of money. You do the math.

In fact, now that I think about it, a lot of these pregnancies results in kids who end up in prison, and we know that costs about $50,000 per year.

So, instead of complaining about it, lets advertise the hell out of it. Give an incentive for contraception, even abortions and California will be dollars ahead.


When has it ever happened that a drug switched to over the counter has gone up in price? That would be never. And when has costs gone up when you don’t have to go get a prescription? Well that would be never too.

I think you need to rethink this.