California lawmaker calls for supervised heroin use

April 6, 2016

HeroinA California assemblywoman has introduced a bill that would allow drug addicts to legally use heroin, crack and other illegal substances. The bill calls for the creation of treatment facilities where patients would receive drug injections to treat their addictions. [CBS News]

Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton) is the author of the bill. Eggman’s proposal would allow local and state health departments to permit the use of controlled substances in clinics that offer medical intervention.

“Addiction is a health care issue, and I think it’s high time we started treating it as a public health issue, versus a criminal issue,” Eggman said. “This bill is one step to be able to address the heroin addiction and epidemic of overdoses that we’re having in our country.”

Eggman cites a Canadian facility in Vancouver as a successful example of a facility where controlled substances are injected in patients. Backers of the facility say it has reduced the number of overdoses in Vancouver and has moved drug use out of the public eye.

San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Ithaca, New York are currently considering ordinances that would set up similar facilities.

California lawmakers, however, seem reluctant to support the idea. They postponed a committee vote on the bill.

The bill faces opposition from law enforcement, including California sheriffs and police chiefs.

“This send the entirely wrong message regarding drug use and likely creates civil liability issues for participating governments and officials,” said Asha Harris, the spokeswoman for the California State Sheriff’s Association.

Federal authorities have taken a hands-off approach to states legalizing marijuana. But, it is not clear how they would respond to the creation of facilities where users shoot up hard drugs.


So our tax dollars would be spent purchasing illegal drugs to inject into junkies, and if they happen to accidentally OD one of these junkies then we pay millions to the families who will suddenly come out of the woodwork to support their loving relative.

Nothing could go wrong with this proposal. I vote yes!!!


If they don’t care about their health why should I? If Susan wants to enable them with her time and money have at it. Count me out.


Politicians only spend other people’s money, not their own.


It is getting the problem out of public view, that does not mean there is not a problem.

1) heroin is illegal

2) what happens when they don’t have the money and they need a fix, crimes occur

3) women will sell their bodies to get the drug

4) prostitution is illegal

I could go on and on. I think the overdoses will take care of the problem and it will only cost us to bury their dead asses.


This is absolute bull manure…


Light up a smoke and your Satan these days. Step inside somewhere to have one cause your having nicotine fits and your likely to be arrested. Oh..need a fix cause your a junkie to stupid and weak to quit? We’ll shit howdy, step on in and well give you a clean needle, a place to trip out and a nurse to make sure you are comfy WTF is this state coming to and who will pay for this, us tax payers i assume? How about government run porn houses for those nymphomaniacs who just can make it thru a few hours or a day without some tail. Bring it on, just one more step towards a frigging civil war compliments of the progressive liberal agenda.


Ms Eggman must be on drugs, let them OD and get rid of them.


I am totally shocked the one proposing this had a D after her name. Yeah right! Makes wonder if she uses the junk.


Yeah, while I’m not a fan of either the D’s or the R’s, it is almost ALWAYS seems to be a “D” that has the stupidest ideas…

This is what we get when we tell people that everyone is equal. They are not. They are CREATED equally, but it’s what occurs in the years that follow that most definitely make us unequal. California politicians constantly remind me of this whenever they “need an idea” to get their 15 min. of fame.

Mr. Holly

I wonder if I ill be able to deduct this off of my taxes as a prescription drug and/or donation.

Will it ever stop? Tax me here tax me there. Fee me here fee me here. Acouple more idiotic ideas and I might be able to come up with a poem.


I thought this was a joke at first. Almost as stupid as paying criminals not to commit crime. Is the tax payer also footing the bill for the illegal drugs and the staff injecting them? What the hell is this world coming to and what happened to personal accountability?