Son of woman killed by Atascadero man to receive $1 million

April 29, 2016
Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

The son of an Atascadero woman who was shot and killed by her mentally-ill neighbor will receive $1 million over the course of his life. The mother of the killer agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed against her. [Tribune]

In May 2013, Mark Andrews, 53, entered the home of Colleen Barga-Milbury, 52, and shot her twice — once in the abdomen and once in the head. Barga, Milbury’s son, found his mother’s body when he returned home from school.

Andrews’ attorney, Ilan Funke-Bilu, said during the murder trial that Andrews believed he was a werewolf and Barga-Milbuary was a vampire. God commanded Andrews to kill the vampire, Funke-Bilu said.

A jury convicted Andrews of first-degree murder and then ruled he was sane at the time of the killing. Andrews is currently serving a 50-year prison sentence at the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi.

In May 2015, the victim’s son, Robert Barga, 18, sued Andrews’ mother, Carol Andrews. Barga’s lawsuit argued Carol Andrews should not have allowed her son to possess a cache of guns and other weapons due to his 20-year history of mental health problems.

During the trial, a district attorney’s investigator testified officers found 10 daggers, seven swords, a spike-tipped hammer, a machete a large battle ax, armor, helmets, rifle shells and a cabinet with several rifles inside Andrews’ room. One of the rifles officers found was the gun Andrews used to kill Barga-Milbury.

Last week, Andrews’ family reached a settlement with Barga, which will grant him $1 million, the policy limit, invested in annuities. The settlement will give Barga an income for life.

Lou Koory, Barga’s attorney, said Barga is currently living in New York with his aunt and preparing to graduate high school.

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I am curious about something. I am hoping someone out there with law experience will answer a question or two for me.

Mark Andrews was a 53 year old man at the time of this brutal crime. He lived with his mother, would I am guessing was 70+ years old herself at the time of the crime. How does the law see HER as the liable party for 1 million dollars? I understand he lived in moms house, so can she control what her son has in the privacy of his own bedroom? If he paid her rent in any way (like from SSI), does that make him a tenant?

I am not saying the victim’s son doesn’t deserve some sort of compensation. I am just wondering about the law if anyone knows.

Holding family members accountable. I like it.

Has funke-bilu ever won a case?

Barga’s attorney will get 50% of the settlement!

It’s not “mentally ill”. It’s demonic possession. God had nothing to do with this heinous crime. As reported, it’s no wonder that we Christians are now being so persecuted. Yet, it has been prophesied.

Glad he’s in prison where he belongs.

God/religion/government seem to be common themes in people with psychosis. I have had people tell me the CIA placed a bug in their toilet to tap their conversations. I had a patient that stabbed his family, then himself because “God” told him to bleed out the demons from his family. I took care of a man who shot himself in the face and lived. He said the devil was commanding him to do bad things to people, and rather than listen, he shot himself.

I am not sure how a psychotic person battling demons of their own mind is an attack on Christianity. If I missed something, feel free to elaborate. I am always open to learning something new.