Man registers as sex offender, gets arrested for kidnapping

July 7, 2016
Trinidad Jaime Guzman

Trinidad Jaime Guzman

After moving from Texas to the Central Coast, a 24-year-old man registered as a sex offender with the Grover Beach Police Department Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, he was in San Luis Obispo County Jail on kidnapping and child endangerment charges.

Trinidad Jaime Guzman was driving to the beach with his pregnant girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Guzman became angry that they had forgotten some items, and he started driving erratically, speeding and running stop signs, a county sheriff’s office press release states.

The woman began screaming to let her and her children out of the car, but Guzman refused. She then called 911, and Guzman let them out of the vehicle.

At about 2:50 p.m., sheriff’s deputies and Grover Beach police officers responded to 13th Street and Seabright Avenue in Grover Beach. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested Guzman without incident.

Deputies booked Guzman in county jail, where he remains with his bail set at $100,000. His girlfriend said he moved to Grover Beach one week ago.

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So this guy move from Texas to California and out of all the places that he could have moved to in this great state he chose the Central Coast. Fantastic. What is it that Texas is doing it made him want to leave?

Unlike Ca. they don’t take kindly to that kind of behavior.

I hope this woman reflects upon her choices and the situations she puts her children in at a deeper level.

Nah, she’s probably already taken her kids to the jail for her visit. Deport her back to Texas.

But seriously, women who get with sex offenders should have their children taken away.

These types don’t have any “deeper levels”.