SLO Brew ordered to stop work, permits suspended

October 20, 2016




San Luis Obispo city inspectors placed a stop work order and suspended all permits for SLO Brew’s new facility out by the airport after discovering multiple violations.

The new facility, dubbed the Rock, includes a brewery, night club and concert venue at 855 Aerovista Place. While the city council approved the project in April, co-owners Hamish Marshall and Rodney Cegelski started hosting events before the property had been permitted for occupancy, according to a contractor.

On Oct. 16, SLO Beer Week kicked off with a party at the Rock. While attendees were enjoying the event, city inspectors arrived and informed the producer the property was not permitted for occupancy, according to an attendee.

In addition, Marshall and Cegelski did not get the proper permits for gas and electricity installation or the inspections before opening the facility to the public.

On Tuesday, city staff placed a stop work order and unsafe to occupy notice on the front door and suspended all permits. In addition, the owners were ordered to have the gas and electric inspected and tested or face having the utilities turned off, according to a contractor.

They hit the Rock with violations regarding the brewing equipment and tanks. To move forward, SLO Brew needs to have all unpermitted work corrected and inspected.

Marshall and Cegelski did not return requests for comment.


I’ve built plenty in this county. Before PG&E or SoCal Gas will activate service they require proof of inspection from SLO city. If service was turned on prior to city approval – SOMEONE WAS PAID TO DO SO.


And no doubt, someone complained, so the city had to follow up….otherwise it would have gone undetected. Had this happened within the coastal zone,or on property having ANY natural resource concerns you can bet there would have been third party lawsuits already filed.

The permit process….other than a cash grab is terribly flawed and subject to all kinds of fraud. waste and abuse. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK

Jorge Estrada

Wells Fargo got caught being bad and $2.6 million went back to the customers and over a $100 million was levied in fines. Where does that money go? No one went to jail.


You know who else use to do this and had utter disregard for the process of doing things the right way? Kelly Gearhart. You’ve been warned.


OK, who did they “forget” to invite to said party? Which palm was NOT greased properly? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

We’re talking government, please submit your bribes along with all the proper paperwork filled out BEFORE you are allowed to enjoy your private property. Sheesh.


It is about time. Mr. Marshall feels he owns this city, and based on the city council actions in approving every project he presents for permit, it seems obvious why he feels he can just continue to do business without the proper permits/inspections in hand. There should be a much greater penalty for just opening his business without permits. How about telling him he has lost all permits, and must start the process, including penalty payments for operating without a license of any sort, all over again. Has SLO gone lawless??

The answer is sadly YES. Unfortunately, this is the new normal in SLOtown. Business is good for a city and its populace when there is honesty and trust going in both directions. This is just the opposite example.


This is typical behavior for Marshall, the most arrogant of our local developers, who gets whatever he wants from the city (like $$$ and land that belong to taxpayers) and then does as he wants, even if not covered by permits. Hey, he knows the rules. This is a blatant ploy on his part to ignore them.


Rule #1 in property development:

It’s better to beg for forgiveness then to ask for permission.


“In addition, Marshall and Cegelski did not get the proper permits for gas and electricity installation or the inspections before opening the facility to the public.”

Permits? We don’t need no stinkin’ permits!


All about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.