Violence erupts at Berkeley pro-Trump rally

March 6, 2017

Just a month after supporters of President Donald Trump and conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos were attacked on the UC Berkeley campus, a similar scene unfolded Saturday at a nearby park. The “March 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley quickly turned violent, and several demonstrators were left bloodied and lying on the ground.

Video footage of Saturday’s event show fist-fighting between Trump supporters and counter-demonstrators. In some of the footage, Trump supporters were lying on the ground after reportedly being pepper sprayed.

There were also reports of smoke bombs and fireworks being set off during the melee. Additionally, counter-protesters burned a “free speech” sign.

As was the case during the riot that shut down the Yiannopoulos speech in early February, the police appeared to stand down as fighting broke out. On Saturday, numerous officers were standing in riot gear around the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.

Some Trump supporters were recorded screaming at the police to do their jobs and accusing them of standing down for political reasons.

It is not entirely clear who instigated the violence. As occurred previously, some members of the anti-Trump crowd arrived at the event dressed in all black and wearing masks.

Similarly-clothed protesters likewise showed up at the Yiannopolous speech at Cal Poly, which took place the day before the initial Berkeley riot. The Cal Poly event, though, proceeded without violence.

Berkeley police said at least 10 people were arrested and at least seven people received medical attention on Saturday.


According to most reports the people “dressed in all black and wearing masks” were not anti-trump protesters (nor were they pro-trump supporters). They were ‘black bloc’ anarchists who try to incite violence and destroy property for the sake of upending order.

According to the police groups of self-described anarchists joined the crowd around 3 p.m. The anarchists were dressed in black and blocked traffic as they marched through downtown Berkeley, mingling with pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators.

“These people just want to fight,” Nancy Chase, a Trump supporter, told the Chronicle. “They are anarchists in black, and it’s not what we are about. I just want to stand up for liberty.”

“Black bloc” activists frequently take “advantage of the legitimate protesters to destroy things and emphasize their anarchist roots,” according to David Gomez, a former senior FBI counterterrorism official in Seattle, a city that has had high-profile encounters with such groups.

People in such groups will wear masks to cover their faces and dress in black so they can identify each other, Gomez said during an interview late last year. They will often attack the windows of cars, “preferably expensive ones,” and try to provoke police into responding, he said.

“They’re basically anti-capitalists,” Gomez said. “They like to destroy or damage businesses that reflect their view of the world order.”

So as much as some of you want to blame the “liberals” for the violence, I don’t think that’s the complete picture here.


Thank you, Paragon. This is the first information I’ve had on this violent group that disrupted the last Berkeley event. Your feedback makes it easier to get perspective on why the police are not responding and how peaceful protests are being hijacked.


If you look up Yvette Felarca and her group BAMN ( By any means necessary ) along with Antifa you will get a pretty good idea of the mind set of some who might be involved. They seem to be there to provoke, hoping that the result of that will enlarge their group or bring attention. What their final goal is who really knows-I doubt they do.


I know we are told the liberals believe in unity and free speech as well as compassion and empathy, but I find them to be anything but. All I have seen for the past 8 years is division and aggressive displays at their protests. Trump has won and they just cannot accept that the other half of the nation did not like and does not support their visions. They are bullies and now criminals as they attack others at these protests for the simple reason that the people they encounter do not share their ideals. I loathe the modern day democrat protesters. They are like spoiled children on a playground jumping up and down stomping their feet (except these where black and hoods and beat you with their signs)


Your generalizations about “liberals” based on the actions of a few anarchist radicals is as wrong as their generalizations about “conservatives” based on the actions of a few KKK/neo-Nazi types. There may not be a lot of common ground between both sides right now, but this kind of stereotyping only makes any reasonable agreements impossible and encourages those who would resort to violence.


too little too late. Liberals progressives or the left what ever you want to call yourselves have brought this element into the mix by being petulant children because your side didnt win. I dont Support Trump nor did I support Hillary but the antics of the what ever you want to call yourselves has encouraged these anarchists to join the violence that was started by the losing side.. So dont start using the GOP or the right or the conservatives or what ever you want to call them argument to distance your group from culpability. You reap what you sow.


Great logic being applied here sport. I think I will use it too.

I guess I get to lump all “conservatives” or Republican’s generally in with the racist’s, bigots, nationalists who are now burning down Mosques, turning over Jewish grave stones, calling in bomb threats to pre-K Jewish schools, shooting Sihk’s getting gas telling them to go home. Yeah those fine folks.

They are out there now doing these things, and they are not voting for Democrats are they? Does Trump even say one word about it? Nope, but all we ever get to hear about is Arnold’s ratings or his false claims about the past president.

Who waived those types into their party to win an election?

And if you come back with it being a false flag operation by Liberals it only shows you’ve drank the Koolaid.

The thing is those dumbass Anarchist’s by definition would not be voting in the system or they’d lose their street cred, right.

The racist idiot’s I outlined above unfortunately participate mightily in the election process and helped to elect our current administration.

Now if you’re not a racist, don’t respond as though I have called you one just because you are a Republican.


Those who would resort to violence don’t need any encouragement. They’re looking for an excuse and will find one come hell or high water.


I’ve gotten used to the violent liberal crazies that think they are saving the Country but the burning of the “Free Speech” sign was scary! And they say Trump is the Fascist?


Some thing to never change. You can trace UCB protests, several ending in violence from the 1930’s.thru today. the free speech movement, anti war movement, anti nationalism movement, etc.Political activism and anti America counter culture are woven into the fabric of the university and the surrounding community.

Sproul Plaza, the Peoples Park, bloody Thursday, SNCC, and on and on it goes.

Perhaps the UC chancellors should consider re-naming Berkley, and call it Berzerkley.


Imagine those nasty conservatives antagonizing those peaceful protesters!


Humans don’t need labels or a reason to act this way. They are undisciplined creatures without the ability to exhibit calm rationality and engage in higher thinking processes within the prefrontal cortex. Just look at the story next on the list. Murder. People are idiots–as far back as the 60’s we were introduced to methods such as meditation so we can create a presence of harmony, and hopefully world peace. But still–this.


This kind of violence; and we all know which side gets physical first will only serve to shrink and diminish progressive liberals and their agenda further. No one likes this and the Berkeley PD should be hauled into court for not protecting and serving the people they are SWORN to protect and serve. It’s all on video, sue the hell out of them.


I always find it interesting that the so called inclusive progressives do everything they can to silence any alternative point of view including resorting to violence.

Interesting times, indeed.


I find it interesting that my very liberal neighbors who claim to be very compassionate, are the first to act out in violent ways, either through words or actions…