County administrator Dan Buckshi resigns abruptly

May 12, 2017

Dan Buckshi


In a snippy letter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, county administrator Dan Buckshi announced his resignation Friday Morning.

In 2012, the board of supervisors, with a liberal board majority that included supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, voted to hire Buckshi. During the past five years, Buckshi has regularly promoted issues important to Hill and Gibson.

Under Buckshi, county staff approved the spending of facility fees raised in Nipomo for projects such as a skate park in Gibson’s and a botanical garden in Hill’s district. While county administrators claim facility fees can be moved from on area of the county to another, the law appears to say otherwise.

Several residents of Nipomo plan to file a lawsuit against the county for the alleged misappropriation of the Nipomo facility fees.

In his resignation announcement, Buckshi noted his lack of support for the current board majority of John Peschong, Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton.

“We have an incredibly talented workforce, especially our executive team and our Administrative Office staff. In my opinion, they are second to none,” Buckshi’s announcement says. “However, the current Board of Supervisors is very different than the Board that promoted me to the County Administrative Officer (CAO) position five years ago.”

Buckshi joined the County of San Luis Obispo in 2002 as an administrative analyst. In 2006 he was promoted to budget director and in 2010 to assistant county administrative officer. In 2012, he was appointed as the county administrative officer.

“I would like to thank Dan Buckshi for his years of service to our County.  During the short time I have worked with Dan, I have seen his leadership and professionalism and he has always strived to move our community forward and do what’s right for the citizens of San Luis Obispo County.  I know he will do a great job for the City of Walnut Creek,” Peschong said.

Buckshi is leaving the San Luis Obispo County for a city manager position in Walnut Creek.

The Walnut Creek City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on Bucishi’s contract. Walnut Creek is slated to pay Buckshi an annual salary of $254,000. In addition, he will be eligible to receive a loan of up to $300,000 to purchase a home in Walnut Creek, according to the proposed contract.



  1. kayaknut says:

    The only problem is his replacement with be hired at the same salary of likely even higher, it’s the government way, even if you have no experience at the job, just look at the new city manager in AG.

  2. SamLouis says:

    I wish members of the SLO City Council had the courage of John Peschong, Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton…

  3. 1965buick says:

    Dear lowly civilians,

    I’m leaving my gubment job for a higher paying one. Since I’m a special gubment employee, I’m entitled to a special loan. Since that’s not enough, I will find some other way to steal your money.

    Best regards,


  4. kayaknut says:

    “In a world where so many don’t even want to pull together a resume” for some it’s not that they don’t want to, since the government will pay them to not work, give them assistance for everything, they don’t need to work.

    • r0y says:

      You ever think that one reason they need to raise the minimum wage is because it pays less than welfare? Once you add up all the “bennies” for being a lazy “useless eater” (in the progressive parlance), most minimum wage jobs cannot compare (especially after deductions and taxes).

      Or worse, the job pays about $1 more per hour. That’s sit and do nothing for $1 less, or actually get off one’s ass and attempt being productive for about $1 more. I think I know which one usually wins out.

  5. rukidding says:

    Sounds more like just a better job for more money and perks. Should have taken that temporary planning job in SLO it paid about $100k more. Next will probably be a lawsuit against the county because they were not nice to him that will be settled behind closed doors for an undisclosed amount so nobody will get embarrassed by what may have gone on.
    Not to worry though with that $1.6 billion of tourist money coming into the county it needs to be spent on government.

  6. Mitch C says:

    His letter to the Board of Supervisors is surprising: one would expect a lot more professionalism. No one will recall the quality of the job you did, but you will always be remembered for the manner in which you left.

  7. Kevin Rice says:


    Congrats to him, and us! He’ll like the Leftist crazy Bay Area, but he’ll need another zero on that loan amount to buy an elite home in Walnut Creek, Danville, Clayton, etc. I’m sure a home in Sh*ttsburgh (Pittsburgh) or Gun Point (Bay Point) won’t be adequate to his liking.

    Can we get some city managers to follow suit? Please?

    • jonhartz says:

      Maybe he will hire Gibson and Hill to work for him…..that would be sweet.

    • Kevin Rice says:

      Morro Bay’s Buckingham is a good gift horse, but I really meant SLO’s Katie Lichtig.

      Can we get a trifecta?

      • SLOBIRD says:

        She’s not leaving before she turns 55 (2 years) and gets that 3% pension… No one wanted her before SLO although SLO thought they got a deal for someone coming from Malibu, Brentwood, etc. except she was preasured to move on and now we all know why…

        The City is a mess, they even forgot to budget for two years the money for the Retirement Fund, she has tossed all the operating manuals and the best, do not, under any circumstances mention former awarding winning Finance Director Bill Statler in any meetings, budget talks or City business. Employees have been warned about his name! The City is in the hole big time all under her leadership. I hear the new Finance Director is falling into the same category as the prior 4 under Lickit!

  8. hijinks2 says:

    He isn’t the only responsible party to the misuse of public funds. Time to fire the dept. heads.

  9. circlingthedrain says:

    Nice. I am always happy to see others succeed and to move up the corporate ladder rapidly. In a world where so many don’t even want to pull together a resume, this is really nice to see.

    • jonhartz says:

      “Corporate ladder”? He is trading one public trough for another. Good riddance. Take Hill and Gibson with you.

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