Progressives win battle for SLO County Democratic Party Chair

July 20, 2017

Rosemary Canfield

Following months of battling for control of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party, the SLO County Progressives have taken over the helm of the local party.

On Monday, the SLO County Democratic Party elected Rosemary Canfield, the choice of the local progressives, as its new chair. Canfield defeated challenger Donna Kandel by a tally of 33 to 24.

“It was a tense, ballot-by-ballot oral vote count,” an email circulated by the SLO County Progressives stated.

Canfield, a teacher by trade, worked on several successful campaigns, including that of Congressman Salud Carbajal. She has also chaired multiple nonprofit boards, according to the Progressives.

Now, Canfield is tasked with unifying a divided party and unseating local Republicans in upcoming mid-term races.

The SLO County Progressives were formed by former volunteers on United States Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. As has been the case at that the state level, the progressives have engaged in heated battles in attempt to gain control of the local Democratic Party.

The statewide progressive group, however, was not as successful in its bid to get one of its members elected chair of the party. In May, the progressive candidate lost a contested vote for California Democratic Party chair that prompted a walkout and protests at the state convention.


Cmon progressives it’s over…you reside in two or three sections of the nation. If your shouts and taunts push you to the top of the democrat party the weight of your outdated beliefs will crush the party you want to lead.


A teacher? Quelle surprise. A double threat.


You mean the progressives were not running the local Dem party already? Will anyone be able to tell the difference now? I thought they all went nuts 10 years or so ago. Well, more nuts than they normally were.

Seems far too many people reliant on the government for their checks make up the party now.


Was there ever any resolution on the alleged burning of a rainbow flag back on June 1? A hate crime investigation was opened on June 2 by the SLOPD. When pushed by the media for answers, the SLOPD went silent on this alleged matter. Exactly what happened?

In the end was this just a political stunt, perhaps by the SLO County Progressives who claim to be “powering the political revolution”?


Another Democratic feeding at the trough! Independents need to wake up and fight back…


“Progressive”. Misnomer. Nothing progressive about them unless you consider their lock step march to Marxism. Ish. Double ish.


Except if you listen to them, progressing towards Marxism is not a bad thing in their world. Seriously. Mal-education abounds!

Jorge Estrada

I liked it better when we as Americans could choose a party per the candidates available and it was ok either way. Now it appears the Dems are acting like some kind of religion and we now must battle like the old world’s Catholics vs Protestants. Personally I choose the leadership of which is furthest from the communist way of trickery.


Amen, brother.


Why is it just the Dems’ who catch your ire? And the Repubs’ don’t have their own religion? Sure they do, they call it obstructionism, laced with good ol’ christianity and spiced up with denial. And it’s interesting you decide to use the Repubs’ as your choice as being furthest from ” the communist way of trickery” as we’re finding out just how deep in bed this family of idiot Oligarchs we have in the White House are in bed with the Ruskies! Get a clue, would ya?! Trump trickery just “trumps” anything we’ve ever seen in our White House…

But my heart tells me this will all come to an end here shortly and your POtuS WILL find out just how far his power(s) of pardoning goes, including not being able to pardon himself (Article II, Section 2 of The Constitution).


Yes, many Progressive ideas are State-ist solutions, but some are not. Best to be open minded to conservative, liberal, progressive, democratic and republican ideas … and look for what might work.


Does it really matter? Nah, not one damn bit! Dem’, Repub’, Independent, Right Wing or Left, Conservative or Progressive, it’s all the same! We The People are not their first priority, nope! Whatever it is they say they intend to do is all too quickly skewed by party politics and party loyalty all the while building influence in areas of business and or personal life that they will benefit from for a lifetime.

I don’t like any of them, don’t trust them either! None of us should! That’s the only way to keep them in check! No, we shouldn’t start off with a measure of trust or the benefit of the doubt, hell no! We should be not only diligent but skeptical of anything that comes out their more often than not lying mouths.


But, we have to vote and make a choice between evil and the devil himself. It has been that way for a long time now, the worst of two evils. Yes, some are better than others, but none trustworthy!


Some people live and learn and others do not…times are a changing and we all must adjust but we need to pull off the blinders to do so. This is 2017 not 2008.