Cuesta student rejects SLO Cannabis Watch Group opinion

October 16, 2019

Erik Huber


Reading the most recent Reefer Madness propaganda in the New Times and CalCoastNews, it became evident that our local NIMBY watch group (arguing against land use rights and comparing the cannabis world to hogs) needs an education on the history of cannabis as a medicine in America and as a modern weapon of bigotry.

Under the circumstances, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Spanish colonists with trading ties to the African continent brought cannabis to New Spain for use as a holistic medicine, for its seeds, its oil, and for hemp fibers to make rope. It was so critical to survival in the American colonies that cannabis could be grown to pay taxes. However, anti-Mexican sentiment in the wake of the Mexican-American War would instead transform this wondrous plant into a weapon of Anglo supremacy against ‘lazy, stupid, and loco’ Mexican immigrants and later against African-American jazz musicians deemed a danger to society (aka white women).

The notoriously racist head of the Narcotics Bureau, Harry Anslinger, used yellow journalism and other tools of white supremacy to terrify a largely ignorant and gullible America into the acceptance of unjustifiable federal drug laws and their incorporation into the UN charter. This nativist response to fear mongering literally cursed the world with America’s multi-generational failure on cannabis policy despite the La Guardia Report (1944) fully discrediting the faux-science.

Following the hard-earned gains of the Civil Rights Era, and despite the 1972 Schafer Commission Report (hidden from the public by Nixon) again disproving 1930s faux-science, our ethically challenged President would use his Drug War not as a tool for public health, but as a disgraceful weapon against his political enemies. According to his domestic affairs advisor, John Ehrlichman:

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Armed with modern tools of white supremacy and keenly aware of the abuses of Nixon, the Reagan’s happily went to work creating our mass incarceration system, circumventing the Bill of Rights, demonizing urban minority communities, and putting an end to any and all scientific research that might substantiate the validity of the La Guardia and Schafer Reports.

In fact, the DEA is still actively engaged in the obstruction of all independent science despite US government patents (6630507) on medical cannabis, cannabis possession is still the #1 point of entry into our overwhelmed prison system, and the DEA still classifies cannabis as devoid of any medical use and deems it more dangerous than cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl.

Despite legalization across much of America, as well as California, the consequences of simple possession still include: excessive punishment, suspension of 2nd Amendment and voting rights, wholesale violations of privacy rights, denial of the ‘full faith and credit’ clause, denial of access to medical care and privacy, loss of parental rights and federal aid, denial of banking privileges, loss of driving privileges, the loss of jobs and housing, exposure to no-knock and warrantless police entries, as well as exposure to public ridicule and bigotry.

So when “sensitive receptors” in the community talk about their diminished rights and arrogantly claim that the local cannabis cultivation is “fundamentally and innately incompatible with homes and businesses in rural, agricultural areas” we all know precisely what they mean.

Erik Huber is a Cuesta College with a major in history.

Jorge Estrada

When somebody applies for a pot farm, the Sheriffs Department has to sign off on the security fencing. Why is that? Could it be the attraction it causes to friendly and honesty people that will not cause harm or is it the great stigma placed on the neighbors properties? There are companies that specialize on stigma evaluation. One was hired for the Avila Beach cleanup so that the property owners would get a professional evaluation of the impacts as they affect property values.

Noodly Appendages

Even at Cuesta, this would get a B grade at best in an English class. All this ‘historical’ fact, while true in most cases, is irrelevant. If you live next to a grow, you worry about getting mixed up in a robbery. My friend was tortured during a robbery at his grow.

400 plants do smell (and that’s a small commercial grow) throughout the summer. The weed I grew myself this year is downright fruity and floral, not the skunky smell at all, so other growers must be aware that they can select varieties that don’t stink. The worst feel of living near a grow is waiting for your well to run dry because the ‘medicine’ next door used up all the water you need to keep your flocks and herds alive. Tell me what the points I make have to do with white supremacy? If the writer of this piece wants to be taken seriously by adults, he could add some critical thinking skills to his arsenal and learn the fallacies of argument.

I personally use weed on a daily basis and I have no prejudices against weed at all. I still don’t want you popping a thousand seeds next door to my ranch though.


Wineries get robbed, and rich people drip irrigate here vs dry farm. And fermentation smells worse than a local sewer. We can’t make exceptions for feelings based infringements on what you can and can’t legally do on your land, as to what you just posted, feelings, if the folks are legally entitled to their agriculture operation. I give your statement a B. And I grow and smoke too. Alot of things on farms smell, it’s too bad people only bi*ch about pot. I’d take that over a broccoli or cabbage farm or winery. Ever drive the Mesa down south? Or visit San Miguel during harvest?


So you are basically saying you don’t want ANY crop in your area out of fear of your well running dry. It is certainly a legitimate fear but it has nothing to do with the crop being cannabis because you would also be opposed to grapes, which use on average 8x more water per day per vine than a cannabis plant.


I get it… only you and your anonymous ranch-owning friends (championing big govt) get to grow it. Everyone else is a criminal out to get you. Lol.

Thank you for making my point for me.


The US government holds several patents regarding cannabis, 6630507 is just the most famous. Also, many Big Pharma companies hold over a hundred patents related to cannabis.


I love it when people with little to no experience living around marijuana speak about it’s perceived “evils”.

Someone wrote of being “creative” when defending their vice of choice. Like those off-road fanatics do over their “rights” at the Pismo Dunes.

Instead of being “creative”, how about a little slap of reality?

As a Humboldt State alumni, who can pass a urinalysis, I can tell you if copious amounts of ganja were so smelly and noxious, the Humboldt County Marijuana Eradication Task Force would have the easiest job ever!! As someone who currently has multiple “neighbors” growing acres of marijuana next to our property in California Valley, the smell is unnoticeable. (What really sucks is the garbage and human waste the squatters/field crew leave behind.) If you are so concerned with noxious smells, stop driving your car.

As the daughter of a woman who suffered with dementia, my mother’s care giver found medibles calmed her near-constant state of paranoia, eased her fears, made her more alert, and helped her appetite. They made my mother’s last years so much less anxious and hectic. And she slept!!

And as the wife of someone that suffers from epilepsy, my husband has found almost complete relief from the seizures that nearly derailed him from a normal, productive life, complete with a college degree and jobs that paid off that enormous debt. He uses medibles too.

Lastly, as a taxpayer and voting Republican, since college, I’ve felt marijuana is no different than alcohol, cigarettes, or sugar (talk about a gateway drug!). And should be taxed and regulated just like alcohol.

My only issue with legal marijuana (as it is, and should be) is the “highest bidder” scheme counties used to issue business licences to growers, manufacturers, and dispensaries. That situation has folks like “El Chapo” all over it. And “pay to play” has never been fair or smart, it’s just greedy. The fact that local & state elected and appointed officials are supporting a system based on greed is telling. Seems they are taking tips from Big Tobacco and not the State of Oregon.


I absolutely love the creativity expressed when one defends the drug you love , be it alcohol , nicotine , opiates , caffeine or simple weed! Weaving in racism , colonialism and historical oppressors to justify one’s love affair with the addictive potion is priceless. . Good job sir !


This person stated nothing of use of substance or a love for it, you sir are passive agressive, which is pretty sad. To insinuate that is also pretty slanderous.


“Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” Sorry for the offense OT, but that’s what free expression is all about. Be at peace.


First, the plant stinks, so I wouldn’t want acres of it growing near my house, Second, a very small minority want it for it’s medicinal qualities, most just want to get high. As long as you don’t do it and drive, nobody cares what you do to yourself. Just quit telling people its healthy to smoke pot, it isn’t, smoke particulates are very bad for the lining of the lungs.


What you “want” regarding other’s land rights isn’t part of your Liberty according to James Madison and the many laws created to protect life, liberty, & property. And presuming to hold greater medical knowledge than our scientists & doctors -without any evidence- is standard Reefer Madness justification for the ‘for profit’ oppression of your fellow citizens.

Ralph Snart

“property”? Check your history. It is the”pursuit of happiness”


I was referring to James Madison & the Bill of Rights.You’re confusing that with the Declaration of Independence… written by Thomas Jefferson over the question of independence from Britain.



The smell of weed farms does affect quality of life for neighboring properties, so you fail the libertarian “do no harm” purity test.

Thieves and vandals (possibly armed and up to no good) are another element potentially attracted to such activity in the neighborhood.


Owning property does not give you the Right to be a nuisance. There are zoning statutes that say what you can and cannot do with your property. And you don’t need “greater medical knowledge” to see what’s actually going on. Do you really think everyone who has a “Medical Marijuana” card really needs it? Pretty naive.


Shelworth, would you listen to the American Thoracic Society?

Their website has a Special Article on Effects of Marijuana Smoking On The Lungs .

… “for all degrees of marijuana use, the estimated odds ratios were less than 1.0, without any suggestion of a dose–response. In contrast, the risks associated with tobacco use were highly significant with clear-cut dose–response relationships”…

Statistically speaking this means:

Marijuana smokers are less likely than the population to get cancer.

Cigarette smokers are more likely being greater than 1.

Non-smokers? They’d be the 1 in the distribution; normal risk.

So those who would know, doctors, would say your claim is incorrect.


If you really think inhaling smoke from burning weeds plus whatever they spray on it is good for your lungs, go for it.


Please inform us on what constitutes a nuisance in an area zoned specifically for agriculture, but since when do CA Republicans cheerlead for big government oversight of ranch land? To understand cannabis science you must understand something called scientific investigation. Do you really think wine grapes, grown all this county sans bigotry, is healthy for you? Pretty naive.


Medicinal use for epilepsy and autism have Nothing to do with smoking fyi! It’s called a capsule. I guess you have no experience with epileptic or autistic peoples; or do you?


How about those BBQs (particularly the ones with chemical starters) and fireplace fires? Not only does that stink, but it is carcinogenic as well. Why is it OK for my neighbors to poison me what that sh*t? Where’s the outrage? Let’s face it, the cannabis odor issue is simply people grasping at straws looking for a reason to cling to their fear and ignorance.


The Power of the Printing Press:

Hearst deliberately used his influential media portfolio to spread misinformation on cannabis. He had access to every segment of the population through his popular newspapers and magazines and utilised these outlets aggressively to change public opinion.


What is Hemp Biodiesel?

Hemp biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester based oxygenated fuels made from hemp oil. The concept of using vegetable oil as an engine fuel dates back to 1895 when Dr. Rudolf Diesel developed the first diesel engine to run on vegetable oil. Diesel demonstrated his engine at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 using peanut oil as fuel. Even Henry Ford built his first cars to run on Bio-diesel. Hemp biodiesel comes from the pressing of the hemp seeds to extract the oil. Through a process explained here, hemp biodiesel can be made.


More reason for Tourists to avoid the castle. Our Tax Dollars keep that blood palace open. Hearst or Citizen Kane screwed commerce, we are still on the hook. Even his family didn’t want the damn thing; shocker! Gold floored swimming pool during the frigging great depression and Nat Geo iconic photo of tent city in the 5 cities. F William Randolph. And Citizen, thank you for expanding factual dialogue here. This is all our home. And John Peschong and all the board are pro wine anti hemp or medicinal or corrupt. John Peschong is a huge issue with the Mcphees and York mountain issues. Fyi Citizen, some people blindly support things even if their pillars are founded on hate, blood and lies. Your facts might get some whiplash from good old days folks.


For years I use to spout the same “conspiracy theory” about WRH (and DuPont, Melton, Anslinger, and the Marihuana [yea, it was spelled with an “h”] Tax Act of 1937) but after doing a bit of research and eating crow on several occasions I’ve found that that “conspiracy” just doesn’t hold much water (see link).

You can blame a pot head, Jack Herer, for the proliferation of that myth with his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, a mandatory read for those of us “in the know” about pot years back.

The truth is that the criminalization of pot/cannabis/hemp has most of its roots in racism, pure and simple (“locoweed” as an example, or the change in spelling to a “j” rather that an “h” in marijuana, or even the use of the word which originated in Mexico, which, by-the-way, outlawed pot before we did).

I’m not a fan of WRH either, he was a racist bigot that flaunted his wealth, and racism, during a time in this country that saw millions scratching to eat let alone make a dime to do so. He was also an outspoken supporter of Nazi Germany and an adamant nationalist and isolationist.


I’ll do diligence and look into your links, thank you, more perspective on life the better I and we are.


Opioids (not heroin) in Schedule 2… apologies for error.


Thank you!


You are very welcome. Thank you for your support.