Tarzan actor Ron Ely’s wife and son killed near Santa Barbara

October 16, 2019

Ron Ely


The wife of Tarzan actor Ron Ely was allegedly stabbed to death by their son at the couple’s Santa Barbara County home on Tuesday evening, according to deputies.

Responding to reports of a domestic violence incident, deputies found Valerie Lundeen Ely, 62, dead from multiple stab wounds. Deputies quickly identified 30-year-old Cameron Ely as a suspect in his mother’s murder.

Deputies found Cameron Ely outside the home, and shot and killed him because he “posed a threat,” according to the sheriff’s department.

The 81 year old actor was not harmed during the altercation. Ron Ely was best know for portraying Tarzan in the 1966 NBC series Tarzan.

In 1981, Valerie Lundeen was crowned Miss Florida USA. Three years later, she married Ron Ely. The couple had three children: Kirsten, Kaitland, and Cameron.

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Knew Ron back in the day when he lived in Malibu. He is a really humble and genuine person.

So sad to hear this tragic news.

I’m betting mental illness, drugs or both were a factor in this tragedy. Until we have more effective knife control laws these senseless crimes will continue.

That’s really funny…..to a 12 year old looking for attention.

Uh oh, was Officer Jumpy Josh Walsh dispatched to help SB with this call?

You mean “Shakey Jake” Walsh, the Barney Fife of SLOTOWN?