Officers catch man attempting to kill woman in San Simeon

December 7, 2019

Cory Lowell Dollar


CHP officers arrested a man for attempted murder after he allegedly strangled and stabbed a woman in the San Simeon area on Friday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

Officers responding to a report of a disabled vehicle, discovered a truck partially blocking the southbound lane of Highway 1. Inside the truck, a man was straddling a woman while he violently choked her.

Unable to get inside the truck, officers broke the window and tazed the suspect.

Medical personnel then transported the woman — who was suffering from stab wounds to her chest, large bruises on her head, and marks on her neck — to a local hospital.

Officers arrested Cory Lowell Dollar, 31, for attempted murder and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $500,000.

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“Bail set”????? “Bail set” !?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!? Seriously? Why, in the name of one shred of sanity, would this obviously violent head case be allowed out on bail???? Because he is white? Male? Both? Does our county care more about the “rights” of such an individual than the safety of women? There is absolutely NO excuse for allowing this guy out. A dog would be put down on the spot for his actions, as witnessed by law enforcement, who narrowly rescued the woman. Are you kidding me? Bail? We need serious reform in this county and I hope that people have the sense to vote for it next time they have the chance.

I prefer my cops to NOT be judge, jury, and executioner. Remember, most are products of, and just scraped by, the public school system. Scary thought, huh?

This sounds like a slam-dunk case if the DA doesn’t hose it. Now, being CA, let’s just watch and see if the progressives make him into a folk hero.

CLARIFICATION for those who would rather troll than actually read my comment:

No one asked the cops do anything but their jobs. Which they did just fine. If any animal, other than a white male human one had been involved in this brutal attack, it would likely have been shot rather than tazed. Again, to be completely clear, it sounds like the LEOs did a fine job. I wish they employed tazers instead of guns more often. However, who the hell (which judge) thought it a good idea to let such an obviously dangerously deranged individual back on the streets under any circumstances? Why would having money make it OK for him to roam free amongst us? Do they care that little for our safety?

And Mr. Side Show, the money piece is very much a part of “capitalism” and specifically “elitism”, not a Progressive concept. Most Progressives do not like the bail system because people should be held or released based on the crime and personal circumstances, not their financial status. You would be hard pressed to find an actual Progressive who advocates for dangerous individuals to roam free, but I guess you have to get your kicks somehow.

Agreed, bail is a disgrace so often and the money could be used to help people, not enslave them in debt, or a get of jail card for the Rich. And Bail is illegal in Washington DC, and many other states, generally profiting on the poor whom are a bi product of the system. The word Ghetto was relevant in WW2 germany for the minorities, as it is for the “projects” of chicago and elsewhere in america. Black Americans especially are still facing the ramifications of slavery and the total failure of integration by the white Rich Mitch McConnell types; his wealth comes from slave holding fyi, fact. Sorry Dog the Bounty Hunter, Bail is criminal. This man shouldn’t have bail and walk freely to commit again; he needs therapy, meds, and rehabilitation and isolation from the sane public until hes “fixed”. And yes, if your inheritances comes from crime or sin, you are accountable, said any Holy person. Dirty money, blood money. We have choices.

What you are suggesting is a direct violation of your constitutional rights.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Yes because progressives solely commit high crimes and…. impeachment. No way people of all types commit crimes….no way math and reality interferes with your “opinions”. Side show was a disturbing Simpsons character fyi, do you relate to him? Should we be worried about you? The feds were just in Paso after some Side Show folk.

Sure thing, Buddy! Please donate all your weapons to me so I can make sure they are properly disposed of by our county law enforcement

So Bob, one would gather you’d either be privately educated or educated out of state by your comments.

With such a superior intellect why would you choose to live among dim witted civil servants and blood thirsty liberals?

You can live in any state you like.

Yes because only white men can be let out on bail. Genius take.

Statistics aren’t genius, they’re facts. Or do facts make you a genius? And whites suffer less incarceration per capita than minorities; soon to be majorities in the US; genius right? So either way, the majority of incarcerated are non white per capita, friend. Stop being a Ham with your “opinions”, your insulting the animal; a clever creature.

Please look at the FBI statistics since you believe anything you might be spoon fed by your government. Are they lying when they say 13% of the population commits 50% of all murders?

You don’t have to answer. Silence is consent.

And not only does he appear to be an evil white man, he’s a white millennial. Damn those white millennials!

Francesca, bail rules; the right to a hearing, guidelines, etc. is set by the state, not the county.

My implication is that both the law and its’ interpretation in this case are both at fault. A hearing and other civil rights are very important, but letting an obviously dangerously deranged individual loose is insanity in itself, certainly regardless of whether he has money to buy his release. This is a textbook example to prove my point. Money should certainly NOT be the determining factor. Period.

While I agree with you on most points, do you honestly believe this asshole will make half a million bail and go on to commit other crimes?

Good luck repealing the 8th Amendment. And the Second. And the first. Safety is paramount!

I bet when she gets her wish, she will remember the 4th

I am not a trained psychiatrist, but this guy is arguably criminally insane. Are you of the mind that someone who is criminally insane, but wealthy, should be out in public? That brings into question your own mental health.

It’s the law.

My point exactly. This law needs to be revisited.