Alleged killer who dumped body in Nipomo tied to the Aryan Brotherhood

November 25, 2020

Kimberly Machleit

A judge ruled last week that enough evidence exists for a Santa Maria woman to stand trial for the murder of a man whose remains were found on a Nipomo golf course in September. [Tribune]

Kimberly Machleit, 35, is one of three defendants in the case of the 2018 murder of Joseph Martin Govey of Santa Maria. The murder could possibly have a connection to the Aryan Brotherhood.

Govey was reported missing in Dec. 2018. On Sept. 21, 2020, a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s dive team searched a lake at Black Lake Golf Resort in Nipomo and found remains.

A day later, detectives arrested Machleit and her boyfriend Donald Anderson, 37. Deputies later arrested the third suspect, 33-year-old Benjamin Mersai, of Grover Beach.

Detectives believe the suspects murdered and dismembered Govey’s body at a home in Santa Maria before they disposed of it in Nipomo.

A preliminary hearing for Machleit concluded Friday in Santa Maria Superior Court with Judge John McGregor ruling enough evidence exists for the defendant to stand trial for murder, as well as an enhancement for the use of a firearm in the killing. Machleit was the only defendant involved in the preliminary hearing.

On Friday, a witness testified during the hearing that Machleit claimed she killed Govey.

Also, Detective Robert DeBarge testified Machleit said, “They found him,” while sitting in a patrol vehicle with Anderson after their arrests. Machleit also said, “I told them that I did it,” DeBarge testified.

Investigators believe Machleit and others have ties to business affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.

Detective Justin DiPinto testified during the hearing that he spoke to another man who told deputies, in late 2018, Anderson asked him to purchase a reciprocating saw. The man also said Anderson borrowed a golf cart from his father, which was kept at a house adjacent to the Blacklake links.

Machleit’s attorneys argued there is no evidence Govey’s death involved a premeditated murder. Likewise, they questioned whether the case belongs in Santa Barbara County because Govey’s remains were found in San Luis Obispo County.

The Santa Maria woman is due back in court on Dec. 3. Anderson and Mersai are scheduled to return to court on Dec. 14, when a judge may set a date for their preliminary hearings.

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Parkinson states: “Aryan what, like the constellation?” Parkinson doesn’t see color, unless its greenbacks, or White Jesus, just like Dow. The Putin way, spin it, deny it, scandal on brotha. Great, we have a terrorist Org here in the central coast, recently just shot up the cops too in templeton. Yet racism isnt real here says a couple outliers, mainly dipsh*ts, bbbbullsh*t, here it is in the mug shot, CHOPPED UP A HUMAN BEING. Unless people get off to denial, which they do. Oh but Antifa and Arata, yeah, she chopped up someone, a small group of loud mouths freak out about protesting, fabricate a falls reality, they deny the election too lol, I dont see anyone of them here.

Thanks! Same for you too.

Man, cool your jets! Go eat some pumpkin pie and make a donation to the food bank or something….whew…

I’m sorry, what did I miss? Where did Parkinson say anything about anything with regard to this? I’m a big Parkinson fan because we had a problem in the neighborhood 25 years ago and Parkinson as a patrol officer went so far beyond what you could reasonably expect from the police and caught the two Cuesta rich-brat white-punks-on-dope who were the cause.

The Aryan Brotherhood, also known as The Brand, Alice Baker, AB or One-Two, is the nation’s oldest major white supremacist prison gang and a national crime syndicate.

“For the Aryan Brotherhood, murder is a way to make a social statement. If blacks attack whites, we send a message. We go pick one of their shot callers. We catch them walking across the [prison] yard under guard escort in handcuffs. It don’t matter. We’re going to butcher him in front of God and everybody at high noon in the middle of the yard. And it’s not just going to be a few clean stab marks. It’s going to be a vicious, brutal killing. Because that’s how brothers [AB members] take care of business, and a brother’s work is never done.”

—Interview with imprisoned ex-AB “commissioner” John Greschner, Intelligence Report, Winter 2012

How do you get thumbs down on this for calling out local terrorism, they just tried to kill a cop in Templeton too? I guess people like chopping up people and love racism and killing cops yet say blue lives matter….oh man…this county is as bad as Alabama or Missisipi and Jim Crow era hate. Atascabama after all. Where I grew up.

Thumbs down to pasted factual background information you ask? My bet is on Aryan sympathizers….but don’t call them racists.