Is California planning for a third Cal Poly?

November 30, 2020

The CSU system is looking to Humboldt State University to become the third Cal Poly in the state system, which could result in less impaction at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Of the 23 campuses in the CSU system, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is the most impacted, meaning the campus has reached its enrollment capacity and cannot accommodate all eligible undergraduates who apply. The two Cal Poly campuses, located in SLO and Pomona, focus on engineering, sciences, mathematics and agriculture, and have a very competitive admission process.

In a Nov. 20 letter, CSU Chancellor Timothy White notes plans to designated Humboldt State a politectnic university.

“I also see the likelihood that the designation and recognition of HSU as a polytechnic university would make your campus increasingly attractive to students from around California and beyond, creating a robust and stable student body at the undergraduate and graduate levels,” White said in his letter.

A few days later, in a press release, Humboldt State President Tom Jackson, Jr. shared his excitement over the request with his campus.

“This is our moment,” Jackson wrote. “First, let’s allow ourselves to imagine, dream, and consider Humboldt as a polytechnic. What are the possibilities for this region and future students? What are the possibilities for new grants and research?”

In his letter, Chancellor White asks Jackson to conduct a self-study on the polytechnic concept, to be completed by spring 2021.

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If the focus is intended to be on agriculture, then Humboldt–the weed capital–makes sense. I like the idea of a third Cal Poly, but the location seems a bit out of the way.

I agree. It seems like San Jose State would be a better choice since they have a strong engineering program and they are in Silicon Valley.

Doubt the UC system would make the change. Mainly because SJS has a much better football team…

San Josie is a Cal State school, and not a UC school. Both systems are not under the same leadership.

I do agree. San Josie, or maybe Cal State Northridge makes a lot more sense.

Dear lord. Humboldt is the last bastion of non gentrified california. It would literally destroy and gentrify their economy and kill its history if they did this. I hope the Kalamath Tribe fights this tooth and Nail. I watched Slo county die, I dont know if I can handle The Last Lost Coast killed, where I plan on spending the last years of my life on earth at one with earth and nature.

How so? Renaming a school “polytechnic” and changing a few programs isn’t going to have an immediate, earth-shaking impact on the school.

Smart move by the CS system. Expanding skilled trade programs in high schools and the JC’s should become a priority in those arenas next. Way too many of our skilled workers are either in their 50’s, or are fake ss# using “barely legals”.

The left has shut down trade skills in high schools since the 80’s. SLO High used to have a very strong Ag and automotive curriculum. My last visit up there, showed the metal shop was a completely gutted and empty shell, and the Ag area was in disarray. While SLOSH has a fantastic garage for learning auto skills, I’m afraid the students are not pushed into the trades.

You are wrong.

SLOHS has long had a strong tradition of industrial arts excellence. It went through a rough patch when “Mother Mary” was the principal, but it has long recovered, and it has recovered extremely well. It’s stronger now than ever.

Students shouldn’t be “pushed into the trades.” They should be exposed to a variety of vocational and academic experiences in high school to help them figure out their futures.

The gutted structure you encountered was one that is being fully (and expensively) remodeled.

They have outgrown SLO and Pasadena…maybe SLO can retake some neighborhoods….

What does Pasadena have to do with it?

Cal Poly Pasadena….

Why not? Its a cash cow for the universities at the expense of federal student loans and grants. With loan forgiveness tax payers take it in the front and from behind.