Fire burns cars, outbuildings and brush in SLO

December 5, 2020

A campfire burning near the creek off Prado Road in San Luis Obispo ignited adjacent brush on Friday evening. The fire then spread to a neighboring property destroying cars and outbuildings.

Because of a significant fuel load at 50 Prado Road, the city requested additional help. Firefighters from Cal Fire, SLO County Fire, the Atascadero Fire Department and 5 Cities Fire Department helped SLO firefighters extinguish the fire.

A firefighter sustained minor injuries while battling the blaze. He was treated and released at the scene.


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Well there’s an article you’d never see published in South Dakota!

Darrell Queen

Who’d of thunk I believe our state parks are closed to camping but you can still have a “campfire” down at the creek….nice.


Now that San Luis Creek is an open sewer and we have established that the homeless are exempt from all environmental regulations, take a look at the camp across from the CHP, can we layoff those no longer needed to enforce those regulations?


I don’t realize what this has to do with code enforcement


Gotta love the homeless!


“significant fuel load” = lack of code enforcement. Why? Who knows. SLO has 6, count ’em, BTK code enforcement officers measuring your grass. Real code enforcement is political to the council level.