Newsom’s shelter-at-home begins Sunday afternoon in SLO County

December 5, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home rules were triggered Friday when the Southern California region’s intensive care unit capacity dropped below 15%. As a result, residents in the region, which includes San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, will be required to primarily stay at home for the next three weeks.

While under the stay-at-home order hair salons, nail shops, movie theaters, play grounds and wineries are required to close. Restaurants are restricted to take out and delivery and retail businesses to 20 percent customer capacity.

It is suspected the order will go into effect Sunday afternoon.

As cases surge, both California and SLO County set records for coronavirus deaths on Friday: four in SLO County and 202 in California.

During the past two days, SLO County reported 162 new coronavirus cases. Paso Robles leads with 38 new cases, followed by San Luis Obispo with 30, Arroyo Grande with 25 and Grover Beach with 21.

Of the 6,540 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 5,700 individuals have recovered, and 42 have died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are 14 people in the hospital — one in the intensive care unit, and 779 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

Paso Robles — 1,590
San Luis Obispo — 1,527
Atascadero — 575
Nipomo — 477
Arroyo Grande — 397
CMC inmates — 297
Cal Poly residents — 253
Grover Beach — 222
San Miguel — 214
Templeton — 197
Oceano — 178
Los Osos — 116
Morro Bay — 109
Pismo Beach — 99
Shandon — 64
Santa Margarita — 53
Cambria — 42
Creston — 32
Ash-patients — 24
Cayucos — 25
Avila Beach — 12
San Simeon — 7
Other county cases where location has not yet been determined — 30

As of Friday evening, there have been 1,315,352 positive cases, and 19,790 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 14,774,167 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 285,656 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 66,294,914 cases with 1,525,704 dead.

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The constitution says we have to treat people equally…..the constitution is the rule book for elected officials and they are breaking the rules…if small stores and bars and restaurants have to shut their doors than the big chains like Walmart ACE Home Depot McDonalds etc etc etc….should close down too…even the infectious possible drive throughs…I mean if we are going to treat people equally like the rule book says….edicts from the Governor are just that…edicts…not laws not a rule nor a regulation….if you want to open your doors you should….the supreme court will be on your side….

Interesting ideas

I’d be interested in seeing the suicide rates before during and after this new lockdown.

Young people are taking their own lives in alarming numbers. A young boy killed himself during a school zoom session on Friday. The Governor’s cure is worse than the disease, more lives are being destroyed than will be saved.

It’s like being handed a completely broken device by a child, who lied about it being broken at all…

…and now, the public and politicians are expected to fix it as if there will not be severe consequences for the incompetence and deception and selfish narrow mindedness of Donald Trump.

Just follow the rules…and ask yourself, “How could I be so stupid for voting for him?”

I’m wondering what Trump has to do with this, the virus came from China, the comminust Chinese govt lied about it, Trump put restrictions up and peeloosi and a couple other big shot dems said there was no problem , so just what did Trump have to do with this, jerk off cumuo in New York put a bunch of people in rest homes and many others died from that boo boo, again what did Trump have to do with this. Granted he’s crazier than a pet racoon but I don’t know what he had to do with this.

I wonder if Newsom switched from county to regional enforcement so patients can be transferred to other hospitals within the “region” when capacity increases?

If so, look for COVID patients from L.A. in SLO County hospitals soon.

There was a recent small article stating that OSHA is stepping into the fray, business’s that defy the order can now be heavily fined for not maintaining employee safety!!! OSHA is like the IRS, when that 800 pound gorilla lands on you, you get smashed like a bug on a windshield:(

This is overreach by the governor and none of our elected leaders has the backbone to push back. If it was necessary to impose restrictions it should have been done according to each county’s ICU capacity and infection numbers.

What Newsom is doing is locking down whole regions and finishing off the small businesses in them.

The state has notified businesses they have deferred the taxes owed during the pandemic. Not forgiven them, just deferred. The final stroke for small business will come when they have to pay their tax bills. Many will go into bankruptcy.

Get everybody on the government tit, so they don’t dare push back at election time.

Then shouldn’t the gov pay us vs cut CDC by 1 billion this year under trump, cut military during a global pandemic, stop endless lawsuits for voter fraud and help us? Until theres a vaccine, what to do, China has shut down dozens of times, so has New Zealand, England etc. This is Trumps failure of a global pandemic when we could have set a tone vs conspiracy theories and Trumps ego killing 400k citizens. And our county is a shameful, nut job political matrix of Pro Trump Death of Public religious zealot radicalists undermining democracy and free thought, using religion and nationalism to destroy a free society. Hence those lunatic anti vaxxer stop the steal psychos. Yes, the Majestic project was real, yes the US Gov sterilized black women, yes America is sketchy. Stop the contradiction blue lives BS I support authoritarian Gov but wear a tin foil hat crap. Covid is real, everyone will get it, many will die, wear a mask.

Mkultra* -1960s,racism tried to end Billie Holiday with acid tabs and martinis while subjecting citizens to large quantities of acid leading to the grateful dead and….Ginsberg-NpR thank you Stanford for dosing acid to artists and scientists-NpR

So the County Covid site ( took away the Tier information, I suppose to suppress the anger that we were lumped in with Los Angeles when all our numbers put us in Tier 3 not Tier 1, (our positivity rate was only 3.8 and our hospital numbers were under 2%). And elected officials wonder why citizens are angry with them. I can’t do anything about closed businesses but I’ll be damned if I’ll stay home until granted “Permission” to leave by a Governor who doesn’t even obey his own rules!

So dangerous that it had to wait until Sunday afternoon to begin. Maybe I will see less people wearing a mask while driving alone.

Is the Poly Recreation Center still set-up as a $5M hospital?

Unless you know who and why it was setup, be blessed it’s there. People care about you.