Monolith returned to Pine Mountain in Atascadero

December 5, 2020

A 10-foot tall monolith was mysteriously returned to Pine Mountain in Atascadero sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. Locals again flocked to the hiking trail to get a look at the shiny object.

The three-sided, metallic monolith first appeared in Atascadero on Wednesday. the third of its kind to pop up worldwide in recent weeks. Shortly after attracting international attention, the monolith disappeared, apparently after being taken down by vandals.

In recent weeks, similar monoliths appeared in a remote desert location in San Juan County, Utah and on a hill overlooking Piatra Neamt, Romania. Both the monoliths in Utah and Romania have since been covertly removed.

On Wednesday morning, hikers discovered the monolith on Pine Mountain. More hikers then trekked up to also get a look at the monument.

On Wednesday evening, a group of people from out of town videotaped themselves tearing down the monolith while chanting, “Christ is king.” One man then says, “America first.” The group then replaced the monolith with a plywood cross.

The city asked that anyone with information about the monolith or the people who took it call Atascadero Police Department. Shortly afterwards, the monolith was returned.

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The real one is in Morro Bay! Seriously! Arthur C. Clark commissioned Ed Nesterak, to make it, This MONOLITH was intended for the United Nations before he passed away. BUT, he passed away! So it sat hidden for many years, until it was found again. Now my Father is the caretaker. Interesting story along with pictures…But when I posted where to find the info, they removed my post???

The guy that put this up is very interested in freemasonry. An obelisk is a classic mason symbol. It’s not simply art, it’s a cult symbol.

Or, just some 2001: A Space Odyssey mega fans…

Great P.R. to get Atascadero in the global news. They must be laughing in Spain.

My favorite thing to do when talking to someone on the other side of the country and they are struggling to pronounce/spell Atascadero is to say “You get bonus points if you can tell me what it means in Spanish.

Language has to do with usage, today the locals recognize Atascadero to infer “mud hole” not bog, mire, or even stumbling block. My neighbor has a cool car but we know that does not mean that the car is cold. English is a difficult language because there are many broken rules, kinda like today’s elections.

Did they do an environmental report? Did they get a permit? Looks as if some are more equal than others!

1. Oh thank goodness.

2. Does the governor know they were out past 10????

Maybe just a creative outlet from the covid stress

This is fun….until the 250 pound chunk of welded aluminum/steel frame/sheeting accidentally falls on somebody.

Watch the video of the rejects who vandalized the first one. First, it was secured into the ground so it took the tubby boys in the group throwing all their weight at it to push it over. Also there is no way it’s 250 lbs, as those losers could barely lift something 100 lbs and drag it down the hill, let alone 250. It’s obviously not a solid chunk of metal.

How strange

Andy Warhol


Uh you clearly have never seen any Banksy art. This is not his style.

Oh, didn’t known you knew him, like, through a back door, or, you know, fake pounds spread throughout england, graffiti, vandalism against Isreal stealing land from Palestinians, unity art, boycotting America in Disneyland with a blow up doll as a POW. Naw, not his style, not like hes been around for 15 years making abstract statements. I must have been keeping up with the other Banksy these last 15 years. Go Mono…lith. And “Uh”…derp… BBC..what’s that….sigh