SLO County is now allowing people 30 and above to register for a vaccination

April 1, 2021

Daniel Blackburn

San Luis Obispo County Health Department officials announced Wednesday that community members age 30 and older are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Starting April 1, people age 30 and above can sign up for a vaccine through the county or through local pharmacies and providers. Even so, those at the highest risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes continue to be first in line to get vaccinated.

Vaccine providers that receive their vaccine allocation from the federal government rather than the county — such as Costco, CVS, and Rite Aid — are not currently offering vaccines to this age group. However, anyone in the SLO County’s registry will be on the list to get a vaccine appointment at one of the county’s three mass vaccination clinics.

The county has enough vaccine supply to administer about 10,000 first doses next week at one of three clinics. While some may have to wait about a week or two before getting their first dose, some in the newly eligible group may get an appointment as soon as next week, according to health officials.

Register with the county here, or sign up with Costco, Rite Aid or CVS.

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Saying you are allowing everyone 30 and older to attempt to get a vaccine is one thing and actually having enough doses and appointments available is totally different. Why not just say you are allowing everyone 18 or 21 year old and make yourself feel even better say anyone can try to get an appointment for a vaccine. Why not tell the truth and say how many doses are even available compared to the number of residents in a given age group, or of a given age group what percentage of county residents have been fully vaccinated.

Excellent point, all optics.

Optics and politics