Torres accuses SLO County supervisor of helping kill Adam Hill

June 16, 2021

Dee Torres and former supervisor Adam Hill


Almost a year after former supervisor Adam Hill died from a reported suicide, his estranged wife, in a Facebook post, accused San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton of helping to kill him.

Responding to a SLO New Times article about a new Oceano advisory council, Steve Lacki, a supporter of Compton’s political opponent Jimmy Paulding, posted several comments about the supervisor. The apparently sexist posts appear to have spurred others to make degrading claims, including Torres’ allegation that Compton assisted in Hill’s demise.

“She helped to kill my husband so she could have his spot, and here we sit,” Torres posted on June 11.

In 2020, Hill was the chair of the board of supervisors and Compton was vice-chair. Supervisors hold the chair position for one year, with the vice-chair filling in during the chair’s absences.

“I didn’t kill Adam, cocaine killed Adam,” Compton said in response to Torres’ allegation.

Following Hill’s death, county investigators determined he committed suicide through an overdose of cocaine and antidepressants.

After two years of marriage, Hill and Torres separated in the fall of 2016, according to court records. In early 2019, Hill filed for divorce.

Hill submitted a proposed judgment on Jan. 24, 2020, in order to finalize their legal split.

On March 11, the FBI raided Hill’s office at the county government center and his Shell Beach home. Shortly after the last agent left his home, Hill attempted to kill himself. First responders then transported Hill to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

The following day, Torres filed a pleading seeking to allow her rights to Hill’s employee benefit plan.

Hill and Torres jointly signed a document, on March 16, asking the court to set aside the “default judgment” on their divorce, and giving Torres rights to Hill’s county retirement account.

Three months later, Hill checked into a residential mental health facility. At that time, Compton served as board chair. Hill returned to the board, acting as chair during the Aug. 3, 2020 board meeting.

Hill was found dead in his home three days later, Aug. 6, 2020, shortly after he learned his administrative assistant, who he had been dating, had accused him of sexual misconduct.

Torres did not respond to questions about her Facebook posts, which also include allegations the FBI raid was prompted by Hill winning the March election. Following two days of penning more than 50 posts on Facebook, Torres deleted her post on the SLO New Times page and limited access to her personal Facebook page.

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Hey Torres, ever pay back the gift cards you stole? Just wondering.


Hill and Torres were the veritable “Birds of a Feather”.

Both of them immoral people who looked at the political winds and shifted in their direction without any true conviction in the beliefs they espoused.

Adam had mental health issues for many years and a cocaine habit he occasionally got under control. In the end his flagrant corruption and abuse of county staff who refused to go along with him led to someone picking up the phone and requesting a meeting with the FBI. His rambling suicide notes gave good insight into how screwed up he was and just how tangled he had become in the web of corruption. The fear of arrest, humiliation and prison sent this mentally ill man over the edge and he overdosed on cocaine and antidepressants while gorging himself on Gelato.

When the Covid pandemic and ensuing panic hit this county, Supervisor Compton had to step up and provide some leadership (assisted by a number of career staffers).

Adam Hill had a chance to show leadership during that crisis and at least partially redeem himself with the electorate, but Adam was MIA throughout.

Who is responsible for Adam Hill’s death?

Adam Hill, nobody else.


Very well stated. He alone is responsible for his own death. He took the cowardly way out. For anyone to blame others or defend him have some serious issues themselves.


Let’s just see who else covers this….. crickets. If I were Lynn, I sue for every penny of that pension Torres scammed. Good grief!


Wow, just wow. Good report, Karen.


I had to double check, that this wasn’t Harper Valley…

(yeah, ya gotta be old like me to know that one…)


And here you have it,


Hill and Torres jointly signed a document, on March 16, asking the court to set aside the “default judgment” on their divorce, and giving Torres rights to Hill’s county retirement account.


Hahahahahahahaha. Torres has and always will be a delusional woman


Pray tell Dee, just who did Compton “help” to kill Adam?

Good Lord, if Little Jimmy Paulding is behind any of this crazy crap he deserves to be sued for slander just like his council sidekick Storton’s mother.

Arroyo Grande has lost it’s mind just like Dee Torres.


Work romances! They all turn out the same in the end.

Cthulhu Colander

Died on 6 August 2020. It was obviously COVID


So sad, Dee lived off Hubby’s graft and corruption for so long and quite well, she’s totally lost without it!!!

Maybe grabbing his pension will ease some of her pain, or better yet, how about a GoFundMe account:)


Dont cut Dee short, she did quite well with her own graft and corruption when she worked at CAPSLO, stealing gifts cards meant for the homeless and selling them donated toiletries and utensils. I’m also sure her own so called Non-Profit made her a tidy sum.


Oh, wow, Karen. You’re killing me!

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