California deputy overdoses on fentanyl during search, video

August 7, 2021

Photo by: San Diego Sheriff’s Department

A California sheriff deputy overdosed on fentanyl last month, and then almost died, according to a dramatic video released by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

On July 3, deputy David Faiivae was going through belongings in the back of a red vehicle when he touched fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. He then fell over and began having trouble breathing.

“I was like, ‘hey dude, too close.’ You can’t get that close to it. A couple seconds later, he took some steps back, and he collapsed,” Cpl. Scott Crane said in a video made from body cams.

After Faiivae almost lost his life, Crane administered Narcan, an overdose reversal drug. After overdosing multiple times, the deputy survived the ordeal.


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derasmus is right on. Communist China is at war with the United States, Biden just doesn’t know it. We need to fight back. There is nothing we buy from China that we couldn’t buy from Vietnam, the Philippines, India… We need to help these countries to ramp up to replace consumer goods from China. We need to fund and support pro-democracy Chinese dissidents. The Communist Chinese are working to inflict as much damage as possible on the United States and we need to return the favor.

Francesca Bolognini

How about encouraging production and creation of AMERICAN jobs? Less desperate people are less likely to become drug addicts. Proven fact. How about supporting the American worker instead of shipping their jobs to whatever other foreign port provides cheap, exploited labor? Giving all our money to China has not made them less a totalitarian government, obviously. It has just made another very wealthy layer of oligarchs who hold the status quo in place while undermining our culture here. And not much of what is being made there and sold to us here can begin to rival the quality of goods that were made here before all this transfer of our jobs happened.

And before a lot of politicizing of this situation is done, it was a concerted effort on both sides of the isle and cheered by many of the public on both sides as the opportunity to buy cheap stuff made by slave labor (supposedly to better their lives) rather than what it actually was.

Covid comes along and we don’t even have the capacity to produce protective gear for healthcare professionals and first responders, who have borne an horrendous burden during this pandemic. Most of the inflation we are currently experiencing is due to shortages created by this kind of gap in what is now available that we cannot yet produce here in our own country. America was once the hub of productivity.

One thing still made in America is the supply of guns toted by the Mexican drug cartels. 90% of those weapons were MADE IN AMERICA. Something to be proud of? I’m not so stoked. So, before political finger pointing, perhaps we need to look at the root of our problems. Greed. Greed of Big Pharma, who bought politicians from both parties to make it legal to create a demand for such dangerous drugs and then make them hard for the addicts to get legally. Greed of gun manufacturers who tout the “need” for “good everyday weapons” like AK47s, etc., etc., etc. The greed of corporate heads who have bought politicians to take away any need for them to pay even minimal taxes in this country on even hundreds of billions in profit whilst they ship our jobs to slave labor in other countries and/or pay our own people a high school summer job level of pay. All leading to the greed of those who seek to profit from the misery created by these circumstances.

Rather than the Mexican border, a very large proportion of the drugs entering this country are actually coming over in shipping containers, only a fraction of those are ever inspected, making them perfect for this type of crime. Changing the country of origin will only change the shipping route, not the trade itself.

I am sickened to see what happened to this officer and am so very relieved that he survived his experience, thanks to the quick action of his training officer. We need to address the causes of a market for these drugs and work to remove them. The “war on drugs” has obviously never been successful as it has been executed. A “wall” will not stop it. America can do better than this, for all of us.

Michael A.

Agree about China but don’t forget our friends in this hemisphere. We need to transfer jobs from China to countries in Central America so they can work, prosper and stay home!


A little over 90 percent of the street fentanyl is made in China for distribution to the US and transported across our southern border. This is deliberate and just another example of the hostilities against the US by the CCP. Yet the current administration and the congress of both parties appear to be “deer in the headlights” and unable to do anything about it but express a little condemnation.


Well said. The infiltration of fentanyl into the U.S. is done with every bit as much military calculation as firing a missile or artillery round. It’s a military attack using non-kinetic means. And the worst part is the fact that over the decades a certain faction of “elites” within our own country have made trillions of dollars by transferring our manufacturing to this miserable Communist dictatorship. Witness the spinelessness of Nike, the NBA, Thomas Friedmann, and many (too many, actually) others. If we survive as a nation, historians will look back at our embrace of the Communist Party of China as probably the greatest strategic blunder of any great power in history.


Drugs from China don’t come across the border. They enter the country through the ports.


This is y officers should have narcan. They may not be medical professional but they are first on the scene


And people willing put fentanyl in the bodies???? Praying the officer recovers!


Drug trafficking should be a capital offense


100% agree. Those individuals peddle nothing but misery and death…


I’m sure this will make the heads explode of all the people commenting that Fentanyl is intentionally shipped here by China, but China executes by far the most people for drug trafficking of any nation. The exact number is a state secret, but estimates are between 2 and 10 thousand people a year. I guess we should be following their lead here?


Well, thank goodness that our left leaning and incompetent president has fully closed the porous border, and prosecuted all those who wish to do illegal activities here in America.

…………………..what? really? not even a little bit?………………

……………that figures.


If you think the border suddenly became porous and fentanyl became an issue when Biden became President, you are sadly mistaken. The border has been a mess for decades and all the hot air about building a wall that Mexico would pay for was just a bunch of political BS to get the sheep to vote for him rather than an actual strategy to fix the border.