Train strikes and kills man on tracks in San Luis Obispo

August 25, 2021


An Amtrak train struck and killed a man in San Luis Obispo Tuesday night.

At about 9 p.m., a caller reported the deadly collision occured at Tank Farm Road near Righetti Ranch Road. It is unclear what the man was doing on the train tracks.

Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner service said the train was delayed by about three hours following the collision. Authorities have yet to identify the victim.


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What’s with the three hour delay? It’s a train, you don’t need to immediately get a statement from the “driver”. It did not inadvertently swerve into a bike lane for some reason requiring investigation. Call the engineer with any questions about what they saw while they continue on, or after they are off-duty, as the case may be.

Last Individual

The reason is simple, and almost obvious. Exhibition of Power. I was on a train once that hit what the railroad refers to as a “trespasser”. About an hour and a half delay. Not only inconvenient for the passengers, it must wreak havoc with the railroad schedule. Contamination of the “crime scene” (by the train passing through it) cannot be the issue, because by the time the train gets stopped, it is well beyond the “crime scene”. It must have been the county sheriff responding based upon the location described. They are simply saying “Hey, look at me. I have the power to hold up this train as long as I want, so I will.”


Trains can’t steer…so shouldn’t this story be man runs into train and kills himself?…..


“It is unclear what the man was doing on the train tracks.” And we don’t need to know. Enough money has been spent on the emergency response and the loss of work or leisure time of the passengers.


Dont forget the inevitable lawsuit from the trespasser’s family against the railroad, the engineer, probably even the people on the train and anyone else they can think of adding.