Students vandalize Central Coast schools as part of social media challenge

September 22, 2021


A social media trend of damaging or stealing school property, filming it and uploading the footage to TikTok is reportedly costing Central Coast high schools thousands of dollars and leading to criminal cases against students.

The “devious lick” trend has inspired students at local high schools to damage and steal numerous items, particularly inside bathrooms. “Lick” is slang for theft.

Administrators at several local school districts, including Atascadero, Lucia Mar and Templeton, have been warning about repeated acts of vandalism and theft as a result of the TikTok trend.

On Friday, the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District notified parents in a letter that, last week alone, thousands of dollars in damage occurred on district campuses. Most of the vandalism occurred in bathrooms that have subsequently been closed for repairs.

Soap dispensers and urinals have been common targets for the vandals and thieves. The typical cost for replacing soap dispensers and urinals ranges from $500 to $2,000, according to the Santa Maria district.

District administrators stated in the letter to parents that they are increasing surveillance measures on campuses and reviewing footage to identify suspects. The Santa Maria district will seek vandalism and theft charges, as well as restitution for stolen and damaged items from students or their parents. Additionally, students may be banned from participating in athletics, extracurricular groups, clubs, dances and other activities for the remainder of the school year.

Administrators in SLO County have also discussed plans to seek charges against students committing vandalism or theft as part of the social media trend.


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We are talking about urinal vandals … not like they stole Elizabeth 1’s jewels. I say give them a tooth brush and make them scrub all the county public urinals one by one. That will end the urinal fetish.


When you have politicians inciting insurrection while their comrades look the other way and fail to hold them accountable, is it any wonder that students would emulate behavior described as a “normal tourist visit” by some of those in power.


This is despicable antisocial behavior for sure and the culprits need to be punished swiftly and severely. However, you can’t blame TikTok. This crap has been happening for decades. There were no “social media platforms” in 1990 when students rampaged and destroyed cars, homes, and businesses in SLO during the Poly Royal riots. Nor back in 1970 when students in Santa Barbara went on berserk on the town and committed savage acts of violence including burning down the entire Bank of America building. If TikTok wasn’t around, they would just use something else.


Swift and severely for urinals???

The Bank of America building … people would throw their trash on to and relight every evening. FYI, was there and on the law and order side. Riots are stupid. Do not go to check them out. There maybe a natural circulation that will push you to into the riot front line. AVOID


This is the result of poor quality schools and lack of parenting. The slow but steady destruction of our society keeps on keeping on.


Ever watch a Cagney movie from the 1930s? Society is messed up.


Send the bill to Tic Tok…that will stop this crap cold….


Probably more for domestic control … BUT … “Chinese government quietly took a stake and a board seat in TikTok owner ByteDance in April. The move gives Beijing one seat on a three-person board of directors and first-hand access to the inner workings of a company that has one of the world’s largest troves of personal data.” FT, Soros oped

I wouldn’t use TikTok or any of the other on line platforms.


except for this one, apparently!


mazin tis’ th’ name


The Leaders of tomorrow…


Just another example of the social media generation in a state of decay.


The STUPID is strong with today’s student. Prosecute these idiots with the maximum.

Oh….and once again, Trump was right about TikTok. Just another Chinese Government influence in modern youth’s daily routine. TikTok is brain rot.


Trump is not tictoking in Santa Maria, “and once again” No not derailing again.

Adam Trask

Youth have always rebelled. When I was 15 we all grew our hair long like John and Paul. When I was 18 we burned the American flag because we had seen our friends disappear after going to Vietnam. Protest is healthy and will only strengthen our nation—it always has. Remember that Jefferson said there should be a revolution with every generation.


There’s a difference from rebelling and out right destruction, vandalism, and violent acts of civil disobedience. There’s no justifying or defending what they are doing. Evil and mean people do these things. It’s plain and simple, a criminal act. Period.

Maybe next time social media hacks can direct them to your place of residence so they can ransack your place and see if you still feel the same.

I can think of several flags I would like to burn in healthy protest that I’m positive you would reject to. You might want to check yourself and the violence you support.


This is not rebellion. It is destruction of property for “likes”. Will you be so cavalier when the property moves from soap dispensers to car windshields? How about destruction of the insides of peoples homes? Just youth rebelling…nothing to be concerned about.

Jon Tatro

This isn’t a “revolution “ you socialist fool, this is criminal vandalism that should never be excused. It’s the excusing of bad and criminal behavior by the left that leads to arrogant and privileged children.


100 dollars when you find the kids the majority will be from families who are trumpies. You want to talk about excusing bad and criminal behavior talk to the far right.


Get off the Trump hate train, he has nothing whatsoever to do with this story.


Trump wasn’t “Right” about anything.


Trump is good at defrauding contributors and investors, avoiding taxes and evading consequences. That’s about it.