Burglars targeting tented home in San Luis Obispo County

November 9, 2021


Burglars in recent months have targeted homes in Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach that are being fumigated, resulting in some residents losing valuable belongings. [KSBY]

On Oct. 29, a camera inside a Grover Beach home caught a burglar turning on lights and rummaging around the house. The burglar stole several valuable items, according to the victims.

A crew working for Central Coast Termites discovered the break-in. When the crew arrived to take down the tarps covering the home, they discovered the burglar had busted open the door.

On Sunday night, a burglar or burglars broke into an Arroyo Grande home that was being fumigated. The suspect or suspects went into the second floor of the home and stole jewelry and a computer. A jewelry box and bolt cutters were left on the sidewalk after the break-in.

Following the burglary, a Leadership Fumigation crew discovered that the tarp over the home had been lifted, and the sandbags were removed. Leadership Fumigation executes tenting after a pest control company, like Central Coast Termites, conducts an inspection.

Jim Fortelny, the owner of Leadership Fumigation, said he is aware of eight break-ins during fumigations over the last few months. Fortelny urges clients to remove all valuables from their homes prior to fumigation.

Arroyo Grande and Grove Beach police say they are aware of the situation and are investigating.

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Look into other fumigators/ employees. Who else would be comfortable going in there?

Employee probably giving info to a tweaker friend. Otherwise how would the thieves know where all the tented locations are…?

Since they know nothing will happen to them if caught…..hmmmmmmm

From January to June 2021 the violent crime rate was 3.64 per 1,000 population….second-highest over the past 10 years….


Please view prior to voting….

Instead of cherry picking a few months to create a narrative, how about we look at how CA compares to the rest of the States?

California ranked 13th in violent crime last year. Trumped by the panaceas of Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona… seeing a trend here?


Why Yes, that 174,331 occurrence rate is really good isnt it? Im confident letting a child rapist out 15 minutes after being convicted certainly adds to the “pure as the driven snow” outlook of Commiefornias crime history. Hats off to the states legal representation. I think Laurie Lightfoot is looking for a new place to live too. Be a perfect fit.

174k isn’t a rate. Do you not understand what a rate is? In this instance it’s how you compare the violent crime between locations that have vastly different population counts.

Here’s an example using the data from that chart you referenced:

  • In Tennessee 595.2 people out of 100,000 people are victims of violent crime. Tennessee is ranked #4 in the nation for violent crime with a rate of 595.2

  • In California 441.2 people out of 100,000 people are victims of violent crime. California is ranked #13 in the nation for violent crime with a rate of 441.2

Of course California will have more total incidence of violent crime than most anywhere else in the country, as it has the largest population. However, per capita residents experience violent crime less than in 13 other states.

Simply put, if violent crime matters to you, living in California is safer than living in these states:

  1. Alaska | 867.1

  2. New Mexico | 832.2

  3. Tennessee | 595.2

  4. Arkansas | 584.6

  5. Louisiana | 549.3

  6. South Carolina | 511.3

  7. Alabama | 510.8

  8. Missouri | 495.0

  9. Nevada | 493.8

  10. Arizona | 455.3

  11. Maryland | 454.1

FoxtrotYankee Are you insinuating that crime is not on the rise?….

If you look at the data from the link you posted, the very first chart shows that violent crime has been steadily declining since 1992.

No insinuating — that is a fact that you actually shared. To be clear, nothing I posted previously suggested a rise/fall in violent crime, I simply explained that the crime rate in California is lower than 13 other states.