Grover Beach standoff ends with police leaving the scene

January 29, 2022


Grover Beach police shut down a portion of the 1200 block of Ramona Avenue later Saturday afternoon after a caller reported an intoxicated man with a gun was causing a disturbance in a home.

Shortly before 5 p.m., officers responded to the home, and with the help of multiple law enforcement agencies, set up a perimeter. The man refused to come outside.

The subject remained uncooperative and refused assistance. Officers were able to help other people leave the home and find lodging for the night. They then determined the subject was having a mental health breakdown.

After more than two hours, officers left the scene. A mental health followup plan has been created to assist the man and any family members.


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This should have been a 5150. If they deemed this to be a ‘mental health breakdown’, one cannot sleep off mental illness. I hope they follow up with this man and get him the services he needs.

Jorge Estrada

Reads, there was no discharge of a fire arm, resident was drunk at home and there were no verifiable reasons for law enforcement to enter the premise. I’d leave too, avoiding a possible gun fight and who knows what other unintended consequences. Some people want a shootout, the lawsuits and spending your money.


He had a gun in his hand and was threatening to shoot his mother….. Sounds like a reason to enter the home to me!

Jorge Estrada

Is that what he told the police or was that something that someone may have said?


I heard it happening on my police scanner. His Mother was on the phone live talking to the police as it was happening. At one point she heard him cock the gun.


His mother was locked in the bathroom, he was standing in the hall threatening to shoot her! Unreal ending.. police just go away ???????? Gotta be kidding!!!!


I don’t know any of the details but I’m going to go ahead and make an assumption.


Wow! Imagine that. No one died and not a shot fired. This method should be practiced nationwide if the threat conditions allow. Let the dude sleep it off. So much better than the “we gotta get this guy regardless of cost” mentality that just escalates a situation and most always causes a person not in their right mind to force the LEO’s to use force. Well played!


Well whatever we do we sure don’t want to deprive this guy from his god given right to bear arms right? (Sarc)


This is a joke right? They left the crazy, armed person there? I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled.

SIGINT Patriot

Officer’s response to and eventual retreat from this scene was a chapter taken right out of California’s CRISES Act playbook. Great decisions/actions on their part as their presence created no exigencies that may have led to a deadly use of force situation.

SIGINT Patriot

I’m not saying it’s okay that officers had to retreat. But that’s the reality they face to avoid liability. That’s the failed state of business in California nowadays.


If I was a neighbor of this guy, I’d be livid.

“OK Sir….even though we had to remove and rehouse your family for their safety, even though you’re drunk with a loaded firearm and refuse to come out after a two hour standoff, and even though you’re having a mental health meltdown, we’re all going to leave now. Have a nice night!

Why no 51/50? Seems like a potential lawsuit should something else happen.