Paso Robles police nab bike thief

January 30, 2022


Paso Robles police officers arrested a man on Sunday who allegedly snached a bike from Walmart on Saturday.

At about 2:30 p.m., the man walked into Walmart on Niblick Road pushing a cart. Shortly afterwards, he was spotted riding a red bike through the garden department and out of the store.

On Sunday morning, officers arrested Jerrod Snow for allegedly stealing the bike. He has since been released from custody.


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A grocery store in Atascadero routinely has thieves walk out with a case of beer and has stated to customers who have reported it to store personnel that they do not attempt it stop shoplifters, as it it endangers their employees. They say that they used to call police but the shoplifters are long gone by the time they arrive and law enforcement does not have the time or resources to investigate petty theft. It is a sad and dangerous time when criminals have no fear and law enforcement and the criminal justice system have no power. I’m glad they caught this guy but by the time he is actually goes to court and is convicted, and has a fine imposed that he will never pay, thousands of tax dollars will have been spent and nothing will have been accomplished.


This isn’t San Francisco; we arrest offenders who do this in Paso Robles.


This isn’t smash and grab either. Nice job by Paso PD, but why?

Walmart could choose to hire more security guards to protect their assets from literally riding out of the store too. Do we really need to subsidize Walmart further?

$25 security guard (that they pay for) is cheaper than a $100K police officer that we pay for.

It doesn’t stop there. We pay for; his arrest, trial or plea, jail time post sentencing – at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Because Walmart wants to save money on security, and leave it to us to cover it for them.

A guard would have prevented this without burdening our over stressed judicial system.

Stopping crime before it happens should be the goal….of Walmart.


Security guards are not armed and $25.00 an hour will get you a retired person or a young inexperienced person, neither of which will be able to detain a thief. Criminals have no fear and will either physically or verbally retaliate against store personnel and flee anyway. The animals are in charge of the zoo. That is life today. It is a sad state of affairs.


Ok. Walmart can pay them $40 an hour for real muscle. The point being; the richest family in the country can afford to pay all their employees more, while protecting their own assets, and they would still make a tidy profit.


Released? Did he ride a bike home?

George Dunn

He likely does not have a home.


He pointed out that the bike cost under 950 bucks, so….


“He has since been released from custody”, sums up why our leaders have failed us.