Pismo police pull ‘angry badger’ out of gas station

April 24, 2023


Pismo Beach police officers removed an “angry badger” from a Shell Beach gas station Sunday night.

Officers found the badger too close to the whiskey, the Pismo Beach Police Department stated in a news release. The badger was pictured next to Jameson whiskey boxes. There were no angry badger drinks in the photo.

“The subject, identified as Mr. Angry Badger, was located far too close to the whiskey, which may be why efforts to negotiate a peaceful outcome were unsuccessful,” the police department wrote. “Although the subject made false allegations that officers were badgering him, he was safely taken into custody and escorted out of the building.” 

An officer used a pole to lead the badger out of the gas station.

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Never heard or seen one, or most my family, generationally here. England used to ignorantly cull them as we do many “nuisance” animals. Fish and game seem to think it’s rare too. Too bad people are the ones who really are the badgers here, angry, intolerant, eat themselves to death or starve, and ruthlessly. I shouldn’t slander a badger by comparing homosapiens to them. People are more like a plague, a puss filled wort spreading and ourselves. In the name of God and War and Greed.

We used to shoot them on the ranch, out on LOVR. Common enough around here.

The European Badger is wholly different than ours. There’s a reason British fairy tales, often have a kind and benevolent, “old man Badger”, in them. Ours, will chew your leg to ribbons in 2 seconds.

“Go home Badger. You’re drunk!”

Because Angry Badger Don’t Give A Sh**!