Paso Robles council approves 135-unit apartment complex

April 24, 2023


The Paso Robles City Council last week approved a proposed 135-unit apartment complex on Creston Road. [Paso Robles Daily News]

Red Tail Land Development plans to construct seven three-story apartment buildings and a one-story clubhouse on a 6.12-acre site at the intersection of Creston and Rolling Hills roads. The development, named the Rolling Hills Apartment Project, will contain 62 one-bedroom apartments, 52 two-bedroom apartments and 21 three-bedroom apartments.

Project plans also call for 267 parking spaces, a swimming pool, gym, park and the construction of a roundabout at the the intersection of Creston and Rolling Hills roads. Construction of the roundabout is expected to occur in 2025 and 2026.

At the April 18 council meeting, residents who live near the project site expressed disapproval of the development. Public comment speakers said the project would increase traffic in the area. [Paso Robles Press]

The council voted 3-1 in favor of the project, with Councilman Chris Bausch dissenting. Mayor Steve Martin did not attend the meeting. 

Bausch said the planned roundabout would not sufficiently mitigate traffic on Creston Road. He also suggested that the developer construct single or two-story buildings, rather than three-story, in areas bordering houses, so as to prevent apartment residents from looking down on adjacent homes. 

Councilman Steve Gregory, who voted in favor of the development, said the project is well designed. He also said he expects many improvements to be made in the area as part of the Creston Road Corridor Project, which will include improved road and sidewalk safety.

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Hope that roundabout goes all the way to Melody Dr. That could be a nightmare during peak drop off/pick up times.

Glad this passed, more housing the better! But why are people so scared of other people looking down on their roofs and backyards – are people doing embarrassing or perverted things back there? Like who cares if someone looks at your grill and potted flowers. No one is staring intently to see if their neighbors murder people in their backyards. Get a grip, don’t be so self conscious.

I bet Jon Hamm is going to sell alot of garage doors and windows and make his giant mansion in Paso even bigger. He has a 3 million dollar house up above my poor, cobble stone street neighborhood, looking down on beautiful cultural scum with distain.

Paso can’t take care of it’s “regular folks”, our roads or anything, nothing. My road is over 30 years old covered with potholes costing citizens thousands in car repairs. Then ask for sales tax increase, yet 1/4 of the budget goes to city workers, mainly to ones who get paid too much. Here comes another tax increase; with the city saying we can’t afford infrastructure we voted for and as lobbyists for rich folks pass the buck onto you. Also, now with some new “woke school board members” Paso will surely attempt to take away it’s academic gem, Georgia Brown, one of the best schools in the county outside of Richy rich charter schools for Billionaires with some racist trope because some people are jealous they were robbed of an education as kids. My kid goes there, and his IQ and odds of going to university are so much greater than what I was allowed as a kid. Then subvert the terrible gov decisions with distractions like fake crt dialogue, talking about people’s sexual lives, all whilst the city crumbles minus the billionaires downtown wine bars and Private Jets at the airport delivering psychopaths to our town over and over and never getting enough tax revenue to continue to fund a city too big for it’s means and to big to fail.

We have no water, have poisoned ground water, a poisonous waste water plant spewing toxic gas at low income household, forcing people in rentals with no Equity at all, Slavery, vs promoting property ownership and low interest mortgages for first time buyers. Paso only wants snooty rich people here, and no one to work their business. I see this city failing in what; 20 years. All the water here is ruined. Now atascadero is increasing water rates because the city dump ruined the water table with runoff, then blame it on the poor.

Slo county, a failed county. Nice job. There will be no economy when the vineyards take all the water, then leave when it’s dry and flip us the bird as they fly away on their private jet.

Here comes the sales tax increase. Build and live beyond our means. WWJD? I’ll tell ya, stop living outside of a humble life in mansions. The 1percent ruined this place in 30 years, not including colonists and racist developers and, Catholics. Salinian and Chumash anyone. nah, Fk them. Fk the old generational locals who dry farm. Fk our heratige. Watch Babylon Burn with Starbucks Fraps in our hand and wine glasses filled with the blood of the dying land.

I think specifically your taxes should go up.

Creston road is going to be a nightmare, between the schools and the new apartments it’s going to be a road to avoid.

More development, more impacts on the Cuesta Grade corridor too. How much of that money is going towards the needed frontage road between SLO to Hwy 58 to remedy that corridor’s cross traffic issues.