San Luis Obispo seeking advice on Emerson Park revitalization

June 25, 2023


San Luis Obispo is asking the public to weigh in on plans for the renovation of Emerson Park. The 3-acre park is located in the downtown area.

California State Parks awarded the city $2.81 million in Proposition 68 grant funds in Dec. 2021. The city’s plans include a dog park, upgraded and expanded playgrounds for children of all ages and abilities, public art, courts and a community garden.

The city is asking community members to fill out an online survey about the park before July 19.

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What no mention of pickleball courts? The latest sports rage that’s been around for years.I feel for the houses close to the park,if that gets suggested and it gets put in the final plan it can be a noisy sport.Plastic/wooden paddle and thicker style wiffle/ pickleball it generates some noise that carries.

I think a place for people and their dogs is nice,it will be close to those who live downtown and don’t have to make the trip out to Laguna or El Chorro.

What? No bicycle path?

Unfortunately, like everything else SLO City receives big grant monies for, it will be designed by someone who has degrees from big impressive colleges – but rarely goes outside or has any common sense. Oh yeah, it’ll be a cutting edge design that wows the big city transplants and may even win some obscure award. But almost surely in the end it will be barely useable and incredibly impractical. Anybody remember the $500k public restroom?

hopefully someone has an idea for a way to keep the bums from wrecking it once the improvements are done..

How could it possibly cost almost $3 million to renovate a 3 acre park. Again, the left is doing a superb job of wisely using our tax dollars.

These days knowing SLO, they’re gonna make it “unhoused friendly”…