SLO County transportation tax measure will not go on November ballot

May 14, 2024


The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) has halted its effort to place a .5% sales tax measure on the November ballot. [KCBX]

SLOCOG had been pushing for a tax measure to boost transportation funding in SLO County. The proposed “Local Roads First Tax” was intended to address a $2.3 billion shortfall discovered within the county’s 2023 Regional Transportation Plan. 

But this month, SLOCOG paused its effort to get the measure on the upcoming ballot. 

SLOCOG spokeswoman Annie Bowsky cited multiple cities in the country pushing similar tax initiatives for the November ballot as reason to halt SLOCOG’s proposed measure. SLOCOG plans to continue working on crafting the measure and aims for the initiative to be on a future ballot, Bowsky said.


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I’m just curious how high the SLOCOG geniuses think they can push the sales tax without some sort of revolt? Their idea would raise our tax to 9.25%, which is a heck of a big tax rate on things everyone must buy. And if their “pause” enables cities to raise their tax in the meanwhile, then how high will tax go with the SLOCOG “future” deal? Are we headed to 10%, 12%? Where does it stop?

Just remember: the county Board of Supervisors decided to cut funding for roads so they could spend it on the homeless.

AG city council wants tp spend another $30,000 on homeless trash pickup at the same time they are considering a sales tax increase.

$2.3 BILLION shortfall is, “discovered”? Well of course, we must raise taxes, rather than find out who the hell screwed up the budget so badly.

Every time you vote, please remember which evil progressive party and candidates, only want to raise taxes for better roads and services, and certainly NOT for bloated salaries and benefit packages…it’s always for better streets, lower parking rates, city beautification, tons of confusing green paint, and page 3 of Alinsky’s book.

…. 2.3 billion shortfall “ discovered! LMAO! How can anybody keep a straight face? That’s 2300 million dollars. No body in trouble … no accounting…. This is why more and more people feel our current government collective is not sustainable and looks more and more like a rigged game. How can they have any authority when they perform like this?

The scariest part of all is there is nothing to save us from these mistakes and corruption. No one on a white horse to save the day. I have a prediction :

They will be insolvent ‘til the end.

This article is another unpleasant reminder of where we are going and it won’t be pretty.

Only delayed, it will be back, government refuses to see it has a spending problem not a revenue problem.

Yes, this is no surprise as government over-reach has finally become a victim of the “Peter Principle”. This last sales pitch for what was once measure J was at least honest, if we come up with a new tax we can seed a much larger grant to get things done. Again, a new tax gets rewarded with a grant, how about just doing the work we paid for and quit wasting money on more process. Anymore, people want six figure salaries for just doing paperwork, but heaven forbid real work, sweat and go home tired. Any rational person can understand having to prioritize projects and living within a budget, but the lack of money can never, never, never be remedied with more taxes. Prop 13 came about because the tax violators having their way with the homeowners so just stop think for just a minute, what are your retirement plans, is that even possible and who do you know that is retired? I’d bet every dollar your answer was likely someone who you funded to retire. Until taxes are spent on you, as in infrastructure and services, that is the real battle and never mind new taxes as long as we are funding wars on both sides and other ridiculous ventures abroad. Even Netanyahu said, we have a lot of stupid people who’s knowledge of history only goes back to breakfast and even that is uncertain”. Can you disagree while cutting him a check? Yes, it is all connected and on topic……..

Go to TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA.COM and see what city and county employees are making. Fire captains making over 400,000 a year. Health bureaucrats making over 500.000 a year. There are hundreds of city and county officials making over 150,000 a year and 50 or more making over 250,000 a year. How do we sustain that.

The service they supply is not that good and is not worth that expenditure. (yes even the fire administrators that make 400k a year)

And remember when someone retires their $500,000 compensation still gets paid, from a bankrupt system, that just takes more from the taxpayers. Their biggest lie, “compensations have to be so high to get quailty people”