Man shot after using women’s bathroom at California park

January 30, 2024


A gunman shot and pistol-whipped a man after he used a women’s bathroom at a Southern California park on Saturday. [Sacramento Bee]

The man went to use the men’s restroom at Sylvan Park in Redlands, but it was fully occupied, he told police. He then decided to use the women’s restroom. 

While he was in the women’s restroom, two girls came in and then left, the man told police.

Then as the man exited the bathroom, two people approached him. One of the individuals shot the man in the leg and hit him in the head with the gun.

Following the shooting, the suspected gunman left the area in a silver SUV. An officer located the SUV and stopped it. While being pulled over, the driver threw a gun out of the car, police say.

Officers arrested the suspect, Rudy Daniel Vasquez, 33. Police also took a woman into custody.

Vasquez is facing a charge of attempted murder. Police forwarded accomplice charges against the woman to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

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Stay out of women’s restrooms if your a guy, why is it so difficult to understand. There is literally no good reason for a man to be in there. It’s always for bad intentions

The problem with allowing people to self-describe themselves as a “good guy with a gun”.

Good guys protect people, not shoot people who have bladder problems.

How did the shooter know this dude was dude?

He, the victim, could have merely been a Trans Man simply obeying the rules and using the women’s bathroom (cuz he’s got no junk) to please the bathroom Nazis.

Either way. It worked out well, huh?

Crazy world…

I don’t think the shooter cared what the bathroom bandit identified as.

Are you so sure? The default position would be he did Care, and he assumed it was a male –pervert. So he shot him.

You missed the point that if he were a girl “pretending” to be a dude. Shootimg him is almost as good as shooting a pervert.

It is the natural result of weaponizing public bathrooms.

Shoot first ask questions later.