Paso Robles trying to sell 35 parking kiosks

June 19, 2024


The city of Paso Robles has 35 parking kiosks to sell in the aftermath of the decision to cancel its paid parking program. [KSBY]

Last month, the Paso Robles City Council voted unanimously to dump its controversial paid parking program. 

Now, the Paso Robles Police Department is seeking to sell the pay stations that are no longer being used. Those kiosks also happen to be in need of upgrades.

If an agency buys some, not all, of the kiosks, it will have to pay a rekeying fee. An agency that buys five kiosks, for example, would need to rekey each of them at a cost of about $600 per pay station, Paso Robles Police Chief Damian Nord said.

The Paso Robles Police Department has received interest from the cities of San Luis Obispo and Seal Beach, as well as the Port San Luis Harbor District.

Officials plan to reach out to large vendors nationwide as they try to unload the pay stations. Paso Robles purchased the kiosks for a total of $310,000.

City council approval is needed before selling any of the kiosks. Proceeds from a sale or sales of kiosks would go back into the city’s parking fund.


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If you want to be a politician, you can’t be an effective manager. These are incompatible goals. The lure of political power far outweighs these people’s ability to solve problems. So reversing your “well thought out decisions” and wasting a lot of tax money is par of the course.

Just like the Swimmimg pool that they bought years ago that is degrading in a storage container. Just another waste of my hard earned taxes. Vote no on any upcoming taxes, they flat out aren’t responsible one bit.

All of the city officials who were involved in the ill conceived paid parking program should be required to buy these back and return the money to the taxpaying residents.