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San Luis Obispo on target to get a Target

San Luis Obispo is about a year away from getting a Target out on Los Osos Valley Road, but the price to develop will run about $32 million. [Tribune] The 140,000-square-foot-store will sit on 10 acres of land purchased by... (Continue reading)

COMMENTARY: Try not to irritate Lon Allan

By DANIEL BLACKBURN I have a recurring dream in which the local media crowd works in concert to slay the dragons of government corruption and to cultivate an environment of informed citizens. And then I open my eyes, and my... (Continue reading)

Dalido accelerates bid to develop his property

By KAREN VELIE Ernie Dalidio’s legal team launched a new offensive last week to reinstate Measure J and asked a judge to reconsider a second negative ruling in the rancorous fight over development of his San Luis Obispo County acreage. Attorney Michael... (Continue reading)

Dalidio eyes RICO lawsuit against development foes, alleges unfair business practices

By KAREN VELIE Local developers illegally interfered with the development of Ernie Dalidio’s property, costing him millions of dollars in lost revenue, the San Luis Obispo farmer claimed in court declarations filed earlier this month. At the same time, Dalido’s lawyers hinted... (Continue reading)

More underhanded tactics?

It could get ugly. Wal-Mart opponents will try tonight to derail Atascadero City Manager Wade McKinney’s plan to retain an “unbiased” consultant with unmistakable ties to the retail giant.... (Continue reading)