Brown wants to raise community college fees

January 28, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing a hike in California community college fees from $26 to $36 per credit, raising the cost of a full academic load nearly 40 percent, from $780 to  $1,080 per year. [California Watch]

Chancellor Jack Scott responded to the governor’s proposal by saying, “We can live with that.”

While he would have liked to see a jump that was “not quite as sharp,” Scott said his biggest concern is that with less revenue, community colleges will be forced to accept fewer students, cut classes, and other drastic budget cutting measures.

The fees are expected to generate about $110 million in revenue. But Brown is proposing cutting state support for the community colleges by $400 million, which will result in a net reduction of $290 million in state support.

The state Legislative Analyst’s Office had suggested raising the fees to $40 an hour, but Brown opted for $36 instead.

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You can’t “cut” your way out this situation. Make those who have prospered pay their (our) fair share through progressive taxation. We had our seven years of fat. We are now well into our seven years of lean. Pick up the check for the party we all had in the noughties.

What would have happened if his predecessor had tried to do this?

Who knows,,,,Arnie didn’t even try did he? You never know until you try.

Let’s tax/fee any possible resource and not address the true issue directly: unions and special interests. Until that problem has been solved we will NEVER stop this madness. Dog chasing it’s tail.

Unions aren’t the problem, it’s the huge sense of entitlement Presidents and administrators have. I agree w/ bob, cut admin rate by 30% statewide and we’ll save a bundle. Tax the top 2% and we’ll save even more.

I wonder how much could be saved by lowering the salaries of UC Regent Board members, UC Presidents, CSU Presidents, and on and on …. oh yeah, that’s right, we wouldn’t have the “best and the brightest” to run our institutions ….