Compton leads in San Luis Obispo County supervisorial fundraising

March 26, 2014

lynn comptonBy KAREN VELIE

After sporting the largest number of contributors during the latest reporting period, San Luis Obispo County supervisorial candidate Lynn Compton has jumped further ahead of her South County rivals Caren Ray and Mike Byrd, according to their latest campaign finance statements.

During her campaign, Compton has collected $114,076 in cash and non-monetary donations in addition to a $20,000 loan she made to her campaign for a total of $136,576. Compton’s largest donations came from farmers and conservative organizations.

Compton’s top contributors:

$5,165 – Republican Central Committee

$5,000 – Kathleen Maas, Pear Valley Estate wine vintner

$5,000 – H D Parrett, Suey Ranch

$5,000 – Lincoln Club

Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Caren Ray, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown following the death of Paul Teixeira, has a war chest that includes a $500 loan for a total of $81,325. Her top contributors are primarily developers, many of whom have projects in front of the county.

Ray’s top contributors:

$14,386 – Gary Grossman, owner of Coastal Community Builders, developing the former Dalidio Ranch

$10,000 – Lori Mangano, developer with Mangano Homes

$5,000 – Monte Cool, chief of acquisitions for Grossman’s Coastal Community Builders

$3,000 – Ryan Comerford, CEO Fairway Management

Mike Byrd

Mike Byrd

South County candidate Mike Byrd, known as a moderate, has raised a total of $49,407 in both cash and non-monetary donations. His top donors include an investor, real estate brokers and business owners.

Byrd’s top contributors:

$26,500 – Peter Keith, investor and former mayor of Grover Beach

$1,000 – Debbie Petterson, real estate broker and the mayor of Grover Beach

$1,000 –Allan Real Estate Investments

$1,000 – Mark Fisher, partner Deloitte and Toche

$1,000 – SLO Home Store, real estate broker

Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

On the North Coast, current SLO County Board of Supervisor Chairman Bruce Gibson dominates with contributions totaling $50,948, which includes a $2,000 loan. His top donors include retirees, his parents and a land use attorney from Irvine. Though leading in donations for District 2, Gibson’s total contributions following the exposure of his  affair with his legislative assistant Cherie McKee (was Aspiro before changing her name) have dropped considerably from past elections.

Gibson’s top contributors:

$1,500 – Allyn and Concettina Arnold, retired teachers

$1,100 – Jane and John Gibson, Bruce Gibson’s parents

$1,000 – Greg Sanders, Irvine land-use attorney

$1,000 – Stuart Warrick, retired

$1,000 – Barbara Renshaw, retired

Muril Clift

Muril Clift

Gibson’s rival, Muril Clift, has raised $8,578. His largest donors include farmers, retirees and his wife.

Clift’s top contributors:

$2,000 – Vicki Clift, Muril Clift’s wife

$1,000 – Mike Bradhurst, farmer

$500 – Donna Randolf, business owner

$300, David Odell, retired


As the world turns

One of Gibson’s largest financial supporters:

$1,000 – Greg Sanders, Irvine land-use attorney.

Look at Sanders record (and clients) and you will see who Gibson is truly serving. (Obviously, it’s not the SLO residents.) Oh, and look at Gibson’s voting record too. It is also obvious, Gibson is a puppet for Hearst and out of town interests.

As the world turns

Nice of Sanders and Gibson to vote on comment.

As the world turns

Is it the war of the blonds in the south county?




Well, at least she won’t have a concubine on the County payroll or working for a County funded non-profit!

As the world turns

“Well, at least she won’t have a concubine on the County payroll or working for a County funded non-profit!”

wineguyjc, james, not that we know of at this point in time.