Bodyguard $$$ for Arnold triples

December 12, 2009

imagesThe budget for bodyguards who protect Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and other top officials has tripled since the Governator took office in 2003. State records show spending on the California Highway Patrol’s Protective Services Division grew from $14.4 million under Gray Davis to $43.3 million last year.

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No politician is worth protecting, if you lose one just go to the sewer and get another one:-)

Arnold is full of himself. I’ve never understood how he got elected in the first place. What an embarrassment for California.

Cindy I second that emotion, and I voted against him, but how can you beat an invincible man made out of steel, Hollywood is more powerful then congress I guess, let’s get my buddy Joey Riccanno to run for gov. This clown Mark Merrite Los Osos CSD coordinator was a friend too, and was always trying to pick a fight with Joey, I finally took sides and did Joey’s work for him, love tap for Mark, Joey didn’t back down one inch though, I liked him and had known Mark for thirty years, the CSD of Los Osos should have never hired Mark for reasons left undisclosed and the State of California should of fired Arnold when he wanted to build a room to smoke cigars in, that was the first clue.

Every bodies scared sh-tless of the terminator, I guess he is scared too, maybe he has received dead threats for not doing anything about the fraud of EFI,Gearhart, Hurst, the list keeps growing and growing, we thought he would protect us, should of hired Regan again, what a joke!

Actors are puppets and politicians are puppets, we need a real man for gov, what say ya all? Joey Riccanno for Gov.

Personally I was pleased to see Larry Flynt on the first post-recall election ballot. Now there is a man who would cut right through the B.S. as governor!