Judge Picquet retires

December 12, 2009

PicquetSan Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Roger Picquet announced plans to retire from the bench, effective next Tuesday, just four months after his decision to overturn a ballot initiative was thrown out by the court of appeals. [Tribune]

Picquet’s 2008 ruling overturned a 2006 San Luis Obispo County ballot initiative that allowed Ernie Dalidio to incorporate a business, retail and residential development on his 131-acre site that runs along the west side of U.S. Highway 101 between Los Osos Valley and Madonna Roads. Voters had approved the project by a 65-35 percent margin.

The appellate court judges voted unanimously that Picquet’s reasons for his ruling were incorrect or “without merit.”

Picquet, 62, is retiring after serving on the bench for 16 years.

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Cheseburger’s nickname among people he has worked for is, ” the last honest man ” you write,

“intellectually dishonest”, sorry, I am a the most honest man, I know! But thank you for calling me intellectual, I’ll take that compliment with grace, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your article makes it seem Picquet’s decision to retire was sudden. Many people around the courts have know for a year or so, that he was retiring.

I know it makes for ‘news’ when you can string one event (being reversed) to another (retirement) and make it seem like a cause and effect. But you are just plain wrong, and intellectually dishonest to suggest the two events were related.

What information in this post makes Picquet’s retirement “unexpected” ?

Give up a job that pays more then anyone else gets, at sixty-two years young, is stupid or he’s taking his pension and going back to work, correct me if I’m wrong, but many do this! And Alfa Beta why do I have to post something that makes his retirement unexpected it’s obvious, wake up a smell some coffee!

Nothing that you have said justifies the headline’s claim that this was unexpected.

HotRodWm is correct, Picquet’s plan was an open secret last year.

Why retire @ 62 ? My guess is that he is now old enough to collect Social Security, Navy pension and Judge’s retirement.

He also still has his law degree and can take all his freaking pensions and open up a law firm and still laugh out loud! Many have done this, I am pointing fingers all four of them at him, this country created by lawyers seems to benefit only the rich and deprive the poor of everything even a place to sleep as in Duval’s case, I’ve live here since 62, and watch every benefit for the not so fortunate be cut and cut until we bleed and die! He is also a friend of Grigger Jones, if that doesn’t tell the story, nothing will. Piccay; Correct me if you are not more than fellow judges with Grigger, there is more to the story and you may be above the law, but your not above mine! I will find out what gives and give that information to your superiors, like they would do anything, North county makes their own rules and I for one am sick of it! Anybody agree!

After slowing related cases to Hurst financial investors, and sanctioning one in pro per, Deryl Nelson for $1500, maybe he could not stomach himself, I allege he had to be one of the good old boy’s and took a payoff, somebody audit his bank account “Deter” or did those in higher places tie your hands as you have stated, for those who are new, Deter is the FBI agent in charge of the Hurst Financial Fraud case, I guess you were right when you told me,” You can’t accuse a man like Kelly Gearhart of Fraud”, why? “because he is far to wealthy.” FBI words that stink. I want Steven Segal on the case, watch exit wound, get my drift, what happened to Efrem Zimbalis Jr. and the F.B.I. Justice bought and sold only in America!