Malibu on The Edge

December 24, 2009

the-sign-says-it-allEveryone in the world seems to be a fan of the classic rock band U2 — except perhaps residents of Malibu, who are more than concerned by band member David Evans’ (aka The Edge) plan to build five eco-friendly estates on a mountain top overlooking Malibu Pier.

The controversial plan is about to come before the California Coastal Commission, and as LA Times columnist Steve Lopez details, The Edge is pulling out all the stops, including producing a slick video featuring a gushing endorsement of the five castle project from attorney Mark Massara of the Sierra Club. Massara is no stranger to the Central Coast, having been involved in a number of local environmental issues over the years.

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community rights,that’s the same thing as ,I am to poor to afford what you have so I am gonna bitc! until some liberal politician helps me stop everything and cost you more to build on land you own.

NIMBY should not be confused with what some folks call ‘community rights’…. one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. Yes, individuals do have certain rights… but should be tempered with the rights and expectations all of us have in our community.

I’m not sure what the problem is, Malibu has homes hanging off cliffs utilizing 50 foot high stilts as foundations. Malibu is a scary place to live with all it’s mud slides. fires and traffic. It’s a lost cause and I might add, an expensive one.

The militant NIMBYism in Malibu makes our local NIMBYs look like a bunch of Girl Scouts. We could all use a little more MYOB.