Manson family member may be paroled to Grover Beach

January 28, 2010

Bruce Davis, a member of the infamous Manson family, and currently an inmate at CMC, was recommended for parole on Thursday. [ABC News]

Davis, 67, has been in prison since 1972 for his involvement in the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald Shea–Davis did not kill either man himself.

The recommendation for parole came after a five-hour hearing at California Men’s Colony and followed 23 consecutive denials of parole. If released, Davis says he wants to live in Grover Beach with his wife and daughter. During his years in prison, Davis earned a masters and a Ph.D. in religion and hopes to work with a local church.

Thursday’s decision still must be approved by Gov. Schwarzenegger and other state parole board members. No final decision is expected for another five months.

The so-called “family” of Charles Manson terrorized the Los Angeles area in the late 1960’s. Davis was not involved in the killers’ most famous act– the murder of actress Sharon Tate and five others in August 1968.

Only one other Mansom family member–Steve Grogan–has been paroled.

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He was tried and convicted for his involvement in the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald Shea. The trials were combined for both murders but each defendent had their own trial. Charles Manson and Steve Grogan were also tried and convicted. Each ended up with life sentences. The creepy thing about Bruce Davis is how deeply he was entrenched in the Family. He is suspected in several other murders, none of which have been solved to this day. One includes the mysterious death of Manson defense attorney Ronald Hughes.

I am curious if anyone could shed a little light on this guy. He wasn’t in on the Tate deal and did not actually kill anyone so why the 38 years? I thought Charlie did all the planning. I thought Tex Watson was the one in on the Tate murders.