Alleged cockfight organizer claims discrimination

February 1, 2010

The Arroyo Grande man accused of hosting cockfighting on his property claims that he is a victim of discrimination. [KSBY]

“I was born in this country, raised in this country, but it’s not equal,” Raymond Pinon Gutierrez said today. “All the neighbors here are white. I’m the Mexican with the biggest piece of land here. They didn’t give it to me. Nobody gave it to me. I worked for it.” Gutierrez believes discrimination is why he was arrested by sheriff’s deputies.

Gutierrez, 52, was booked into San Luis Obispo County jail last Sunday on charges of animal cruelty after police raided his Heidl Place property. More than 300 people were in attendance at the time and they quickly scattered. About 50 people were arrested along with Gtuierrez. More arrests are expected this week.

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No habla Ingles.

Mr. Gutierrez: It doesn’t matter if you were born in the US, it doesn’t matter if you earned the money to buy your larger-than-your-neighbors-plot or if someone gave you the money to buy your land, and it doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is; you broke the law. If you did not know that this event was happening on your property, how come? If you did know, if you were the person who organized the cockfight, you need to answer for your actions. Shut up, sit down, pay the fines, serve the time if any is given to you by a court of law. Idiot.

“Owning roosters!”

racial epithet, removed from comment

Heck this guy’s face actually reminds me of a chicken I used to have, really, I’m serious.

The posts over on KSBY are really cracking me up. Folks over there aren’t too nice and they are getting high approval rates. A couple of his neighbors have chimed in. One of them said about 30 guys ran through her back yard and some hid in her son’s tree house! BTW Ray, she added that some of them were white guys. She say’s you do this every month.

Right, they picked on the Mexican for no good reason. He was just having 300 of his closest friends over for a chichen bbq and the mean old cops raided the place. How many hundreds of times did poor Mr. G get away with his ILLEGAL activites. Perhaps he should return to the motherland to continue killing chickens for fun and profit. Loosers come in all colors and it appears not to have been a factor in this situation.

Poor Raymond,can’t get a break,just trying to make a little side money and brake the law at the same time.He next will claim this is a culture issue,it’s accepted in his culture there for it must be accepted.

Ray: Are you sure the police reaction wasn’t due to you torturing animals?