Arroyo Grande teacher takes students to nude beach

March 2, 2010


An Arroyo Grande High School photography teacher allegedly took four students on an unapproved field trip to a local nude beach, and now some parents are upset.

“I think it was bizarre,” said one parent who asked to remain anonymous because of her daughter’s discomfort with the situation. “It was not appropriate.”

While some of the teenage girls’ parents had signed broad waivers allowing photography teacher Allen Fraser to take their children off campus for photo taking, some had not signed the releases.

On Feb. 17, Fraser asked four of his first and second period students to accompany him to Pirates Cove, a nude beach with a reputation as a hook-up spot for homosexuals. Fraser drove two of the girls to the beach in his car and two others followed in their own car, according to parents.

When they arrived at the beach, the girls were instructed to shoot photos.

Currently, a lawsuit filed by San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Deputy John Franklin claims that, because of a brush with a masturbating homosexual he encountered at Pirates Cove during an undercover sting operation, he suffers from mental and emotional distress.

Arroyo Grande High School Principal Ryan Pinkerton told CalCoastNews he was unaware of the teacher’s excursion to Pirates Cove.

“Just going there is inappropriate,” Pinkerton said.

Pinkerton had said he would look into the issue and respond. However, his staff then forwarded all requests for comment to the district office. Officials at the Lucia Mar School District were unavailable for comment.


This story sure seems unclear. How can a teacher leave school without taking all of his students? And why, if this teacher is what you are painting, is the student still in his class? That makes no sense. Did the parent even contact the school about this? Really, this needs more information.


This story is true. The students in this class “go out” into the area and take pics of their surroundings. However, why does this teacher only take a certain few and underaged girls is the question of the hour…and who was with his other students while he was with these four? AND not having permission from the parents is an eyeopener!!!! Anyone who lives here knows that if you had a choice of where you wanted your senior pics or wedding pics taken, would you pick Pirates Cove??? NOT…the teacher knew about this beach and the history behind it….unfortunately, this beach does draws weirdos…period end…as a parent who’s child DOES go to AGHS, I am appalled at this conduct and if the district is letting go 18 teachers, add this one to the list!!! …we need to listen to our kids and keep in touch with their every day school happenings. I did call the district office and this issue has not been added to the board for discussion as of today. Their comment was that they were investigating all parties.


Boy some of the LAME arguements defending this teachers actions would be hilarious if not so serious a sitution. Comon people! Yes there is nothing wrong with nudity but these are still children even at 17. Yes they have adult bodies but immature minds.

Another. Photographing the wildlife? You’re kidding right? Drive up and down the coast. Morro, Cayucus, Harmany, Cambria, ya da ya da da. There are PLENTY of other scenic areas the teacher could have taken them to. How about Oso Flaco Lake? Again LAME arguement.

Now I don’t know for sure WHAT this bonehead teachers actions are or where but when you pull something like this, how do I/we know if it was innocent or he was trying to titilate the CHILDREN and arouse them? Actions like this cloud it. The guy is an IDIOT! I wouldn’t want any IDIOT who can’t see the possibility of improprieties teaching my child!!!! I say FIRE his ass!!!


I wish they had spell check. Were not where about his actions.


I agree, the site should have a spell check imbeded in it for all of us. But BTDT, I think you are too harsh. All the comments about early morning, cold weather etc do indicate little nudity. And maybe they didn’t even go to the beach from the parking lot area (so far away you can’t even tell if folks are ‘neked’). It is a wild area with lots of plant life, huge boulders and incredible view of the ocean and coastline to the south. Let’s not be too hasty.

And as I mentioned in a reply to Cheseburger below the tone of the article leans on our gay brothers and sisters, giving the reader the impression this is some sort of ‘gay bordello’ situation. Not so, never has been. I’ve been a regular user of the Cove, only once did I see anyone going to or coming from the very hard to access or see ‘gay area’ no where near the actual beach. And why is there a ‘gay’ area at all? Because our society is so wigged out those folks have to ‘hide’ in order to live without persecution. We used to have ‘blacks only’ drinking fountains in the south, I’m surprised we don’t have similar restrictions on gays since much of our society is so afraid of them as well.


I have no problem with Pirates Cove. I think it is great for people who want to express themselves in that way. No problem with homosexauls or Mexicans (stated by another poster) or whoever choses to go. My point is that those who go SHOULD BE ADULTS! Heck if we don’t even allow them (kids) into the X rated section of the video store, why in the hell would someone think no big deal here??

Again on the teacher. Please spare me the he was taking nice photos of wildlife. Again this is the Central Coast, not L.A. You don’t have to look far to find MANY options of photographic things to look at. The teachers actions leave one to wonder what his actions may be. Innocent or not. A person with half a brain wouldn’t put themselves into a position of something being scene as having possible improprieties.


The Cove has always had a large share of dogs and kids, two reasons it is such a cool place. Its a lightweight, friendly place with room for all. But of course those kids were with their folks.


Pismo and BTDT-I agree with the larger issue here and how you stated it. But I feel since this is a ‘nude’ beach and some ‘gay’ people frequent a nearby area that the issue has been blown up by those facts. I do agree that something looks wrong with the way this teacher acted. I think all ‘field trips’ should be sanctioned by the school and anything’out of the ‘ordinary’ (such as normally accepted public events ie going to an aquarium etc) should get extra scrutiny. Maybe we are all in agreement here.

There have been way too many teachers, administrators and others taking advantage of our young folk.

I hope there is a good explanation for these allegations.


I agree, huge red flags. But just maybe explainable, I imagine the parents and honest administrators will be asking some questions. I sure would.


I’m sure they will find that this was only in the interest of photography, every where else is so restricted by can’t do this laws, maybe he just wanted them to see a part of the coast that hasn’t been taken by the rich, oh he could of taken them to Avila to take pictures of all Gearhart’s foreclosed houses. In what is currently a ghost town unless the surfs good.


Spell check lives in YOUR BROWSER not this website, update your settings and preferences. most all modern browsers have it built in.


so someones job and life should be destroyed because of other people being ignorant and naive?


Americans; some like sharks, will eat you when you get the slightest nick, say one drop of blood.


The teacher took his 1st and 2nd period class there. If he took them during class it would be early in the morning and cold. Meaning it is extremely unlikely that any nude people are actually at the beach. Secondly Pirates cove is one of the prettiest beaches in the area. I highly doubt this teacher took the students there to look at nude people but to look at the wildlife in one of the areas that has not been largely degraded due to human impact.


doesnt make any sense right?..

thats because its not true. the whole class went, and the parents signed waivers.


First, being such a cold time of the year, I seriously doubt there were many nudists running about. Even if there were, anything to be seen was probably pretty small. It is by far the nicest, quietest beach on the Central Coast other than the perverted illegal Mexicans that stroll fully clothed down the beach looking to get a peak. On a serious note, someone should speak to the highway patrol that allows its chopper to sit 100 feet off of the water moving back and forth looking to get a glimpse of a naked person during the summer. Those guys are the real perverts which are doing so on our tax dollar time.



-It’s strange that AGHS, housed in the uber-conservative Lucia Mar school district allows pre-pedophiliac behavior in teachers. This isn’t the first one I’ve heard about. There is/was a teacher who had his students read novels with graphic rape (of women) scenes as “art” in other words, no redeeming value but salaciousness.

The school principal is required to report this teacher to CPS and let them sort it out.

-Cheseburger, was that a pun? “Below the belt”

your comparison of this photographic excursion to a nude beach, bringing along 4 girls, no boys, not all of the girls had the required parental permission…to your own experience where you initiated walking into a college drawing class is no comparison and shows a lack of…

I hope the parents talk together, don’t let the school isolate you and make you feel like you are making an issue of nothing. This is something and that teacher needs to go. This kind of behavior on the part of the teacher is not by accident and cannot easily be unlearned. He either has good judgement or he doesn’t and it looks a lot like he doesn’t.


PS if Ryan Pinkerton does not report his teacher to CPS in addition to whatever internal actions the school and school district takes, he should resign.


School District members and a community may have a reputation for traditional values (read: conservative), but the teachers often have a very different political, social and spiritual perspective on life. This dichotomy is often at the heart of a lot of parental angst.

Yes, the parents need to get together and first go to the principal and then to the school board and finally to the newspapers and media. If the school district feels pressure they will act.

Good luck to all the parents, been there.

Roger Freberg


Use it or lose it, you write,”initiated walking into a college drawing class,” that’s low and misleading, it was a scheduled class add by the administration and I WAS SUPPOSED TO WALK IN!

And I enjoyed the view very much, in one day I learned how to draw nude women exceptionally well.

It was cold and probably not a sole, had their close off, you negative people commenting here have obviously never been there. The people there would not be able to related to your moth-balled evaluations of the scenic area, and to suggest going to a sightlier less photogenic place for compromise, shows your lack of courage to face your own hidden fears of inadequacy.

We need more nude beaches like the north end of Sand Simeon Cove, or is that a low life area too. And how about Europe and Hawaii, half the girls on the beach are topless, no complaints, no arrests just nice scenery, any of you who think the human body is ugly must, be looking in the mirror.


At first glance this appears to be an apallingly creepy story, and it might very well be, but Im curious about a couple things. For instance is this teacher perhaps new to the area and didnt understand what Pirates Cove is? Were they atually at Pirates Cove or just in the genereal area? I just want to make sure Im not jumping to any conclusions.

ON the other hand if this guy knew what he was doing I really have to wonder if he shouldnt be disciplined possibly even to the point of being fired. Not because of the creep factor I dont see enough evidence here to assume that what he was doing was overtly sexual but he displayed the kind of judgment that makes me wonder if he should be alowed to suprivise kids.

but like I said we dont really know the whole story


oh my, where do we begin?

You remind of the local teacher who allegedly said he was having sex with his underage students in order to provide them a safe environment.

What children choose to do is between them and their parents and society… however, this was inappropriate for underage high school students especially if this was without without parental consent.

Arroyo Grande High School should know better by now.

Roger Freberg


Roger good shot a little below the belt though.”You remind of the local teacher who allegedly said he was having sex with his underage students in order to provide them a safe environment.”

Are you referring to me? That’s low, and closed minded, I never said I was in favor of this teachers action, merely tried to suggest that, we not be intimidated or detoured from our beaches because of naked people, god do you still hide in the closet, this is 2010.

I was 17 years old adding an art class and walked in sat down on the floor at Questa College army barracks, six feet in front of a completely naked beautiful sketch model,(female), made a lasting impression and nobody dropped the class. My point this profound nudity to minors was done in the name of education, and nobody died from it, are you people so ashamed of your own bodies that you have to hide, and/for what reason, maybe out of shape?

In closing do you classify this guy, with the pervert in the other article? If so why?


We all came in to this world naked, what is so bad about being naked, I grew up there naked, saw a lot of beautiful sites and its a photogenic place, P.S. as I remember the local trolls police and control liter and perverts. Dear parents would you rather they went by themselves with a 12 pack and some hooch. By allowing this they are getting a good education, photography is unbiased as you should keep an open mind toward, the beauty of the place, just look at the picture in the article, your going to overlook this fantastic view because of a few tan butts.


Sorry cheseburger but that sounds like the kind of rationalization someone up to no good would use. Please dont get me wrong Im in no way accusing you of anything Im just saying that sounded like a load of BS


Right on Chese. I used to go to Pirate’s all the time, very friendly and safe beach. Our puritanical outlook on things has stigmatized those who enjoy a more natural look and style. I remember my ‘very proper’ parents relishing swimming nude in mountain streams while on camping trips-they were always ahead of the time. Modern paranoia against limited public nudity is sick. We have one small beach that is difficult to get to where clothing optional is the rule, big deal.

The article sort of indicates this is a big hang out for gays, which then leads a wigged out reader to assume illegal or immoral behavior ensues and there fore the whole thing should be stamped out. The tone is all wrong. There is a small, impossible to see area nowhere near the beach that is sometimes frequented by our gay brothers and sisters. The main beach is beautiful, wide open and I have never seen any inappropriate behavior for a public place other than a lack of clothing.

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