New Assembly leader doles out staff raises

March 15, 2010

New state Assembly Speaker John Perez has been very generous with staff raises since assuming office March 1. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The Los Angeles Democrat boosted pay for eight of his staff members the day he was sworn in. Most notable was chief of staff Sara Ramirez, who saw her salary grow from $125,256 to $190,008.

These new raises come as California faces a $20 billion budget shortfall and state employees continue taking three unpaid furlough days a month.

A spokeswoman for Perez defended the raises, arguing that his staff is “taking on a tremendous amount of extra work” now that Perez is Speaker.

Perez’s own salary jumped from $95,291 to $109,584 when he assumed the new position.

The pay raises were first uncovered by the Sacramento Bee through a state public records request.

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Wait – he makes 109K and his employee makes 190K?? Hmm..things that make ya go ‘KICKBACK!!’

Something tells me his ‘staff’ are kicking part of that money back into his pockets!

What we have here is another crook on the govt. gravy train. Problem for this loser is the money’s all gone and there’s a lynch mob at the station!

And I suppose the ‘spokesperson’ for the distinguished Mr. Perez is on the inflated payroll as well.

I am extremely concerned about Perez as his first legislative act is to push through an animal abuse registry program, that I believe is ill advised when California has no money. Now, he gives raises to staff. If he does not understand that California is in a severe economic crisis or doesn’t care, then he is the wrong person for the job. He deserves scrutiny by the voters.

Why does this surprise anyone? A Democrat politician spending money he doesn’t have or didn’t earn, developing legislation that no one needs. Looks to me that Mr. Perez is just taking a page out of Dear Leader’s playbook.

Yeah, because in private industry, no one ever has to take on extra work without getting a generous raise. We’re entitled to it, no matter else might be happening in the business, industry, market, or world around us. (end sarcasm)