Update: Parkinson unaware of tax liens?

May 14, 2010

Ian Parkinson

In response to allegations that San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson was untruthful when he said that he has never had any tax liens, attorney John Ronca said his candidate had paid off three liens and asserts Parkinson did not remember them because the amounts were so small.

“After reviewing the printout and checking the county records, Ian does not deny that liens were filed, he simply did not recall them on the show, nor does he recall them now,” Ronca said in an e-mail to Dave Congalton at KVEC radio. “The bottom line is that Ian was completely honest on your show when he said he always paid his taxes and that he was unaware of any tax liens.”

Ronca said he reviewed county records and found that all of the liens were more than five years old and the amounts were under $240.

He, however, failed to mention a 2006 lien on a property Parkinson owned in Monterey County that was also listed in the e-mail.

In 2006, after Parkinson failed to pay a property tax bill of $1,546 for a home he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City, the Monterey County Tax Collector placed a lien on the property. More than a year later, on Aug. 31, 2007, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey County Tax Collector’s office.

In San Luis Obispo County, if a recreational vehicle owner fails to pay their boat taxes on time, the county sends out a notice of intent to place a lien on the property. If the property owner does not respond to the notice, a lien is place on the boat, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In the 2007/2008 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded, Bacon said.

In the 2005/2006 tax year, Parkinson failed to respond to the notice and a lien of $164 was placed on his boat. Shortly afterwards Parkinson paid the tax and the late payment fines.

In the 2002/2003 tax year, Parkinson again failed to respond to the notice and a temporary lien of $201was placed on his boat.

In the 2001/2002 tax year, Parkinson owned two boats. The tax collector sent him notices of intent to file liens on both vehicles.

When he did not respond to the notices, the county tax collector’s office filed liens of $237 and $222 on the boats. Parkinson paid both liens off within a few months of the recording.

In the 1999/2000 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.


Well, I just spent an hour with Joe Cortez. Though he and his wife have had stores in Pismo they have never had any affairs with the planning dept that would lead any sane person to think he got special favors. He stressed to me a more humane approach to policing than I have heard elsewhere. He is into solving problems, not just arresting people and terrorizing the populace-and then hiding behind closed doors. He also has no personal contacts in the Sheriff dept that could complicate his interest in reforms and economy of operation. He strikes me as a guy you could go see and actually be heard, not just put off by bureaucratic bs.

If one looks at his record of 36 years in law enforcement he seems like our best choice. Of course we have to see what Ben Hall says next week.


When you say he has no personal contacts in the Sheriff’s Department are you excluding Sheriff’s Sergeant Dale Strobridge. Dale is also Mike Brennler’s business partner. Just in case you weren’t all aware. I’ll go into more later. I believe both Mike and Dale are supporting or endorsing Cortez. Kind of strange that they both worked for Ian and Jerry at one time and aren’t supporting either one of them. Good thing they never worked for any of the other candidates. They wouldn’t have anyone to support.


I don’t know any of the details you bring up, and whether Dale and Mike are partners in anything. My current position was made on my impression of Joe based on what I heard on the air and this personal meeting (Ian and Jerry have problems and Tex seems too extreme). I have not heard what Dale and Mike think about Joe and know nothing about their affairs not portrayed in the media. My feeling is Mike is an honest person who has the best interests of the public at heart. He has been a cop and Mayor, and often speaks against the crooks that plague all of us. Unless Hall shines like mad next week I’m with Joe.


I am leaning towards Cortez also. I’m not certain why freakout is dragging Mike and Dale into this. Mike is a private citizen with his own opinions. Dale is actually an influence in a large union that is supporting Ian (or so I thought). I would like to hear more about Mike & Dales business. I figure if they are professional consultants and negotiators for LE contracts, then I would like to see them expand their services beyond negotiating in the financial compensation arena. It would be great if they incorporated enacting drug testing on LE across the county and took the lead to install a civilian over-sight committee. Brennler would be an excellent staffer. Not sure if they can incorporate something like that or not but it sure would be a public benefit if they could leverage that into the negotiations.


joey, joey joey, who hurt you, don’t be so flippant with your accusations, if you have something show it, show it like Viele showed it. “You had an opportunity to ask Cortez anything you wanted when he was on Congaltons show, why didn’t you ask him about this Did you ask Lenthal a question he lied about on air , did you ask Cortez a question he lied about on air and you had proof otherwise ? no you didn’,t so I guess you are saying that you are quite taller than Joe Cortez therefore he is not a good man. So what you have is a heighth advantage over a man who didn’t lie on the air about something a caller simply inquired about, bring out the proof and ask the direct question of him at his next personal appearance and bury him. Otherwise keep looking in the Tribune for their candidate’s response to all this and and the Tribs reason for making Ian their man of choice. I taught my boys to never accuse anyone without proof, never make fun of someone smaller than you, it’s just so juvenile, really little Joe?

Look be a man, bring out whatever it is you know to be fact along with the documentation or be quiet and let the grown ups talk, because you see Joey grown ups don’t accuse people of something and not have proof of it, and grown ups fess up to their mistakes and don’t hide and let lawyers do their explaining, no matter how lame that guy defended him.

Really Joey look inside you and say is being short worse than being a liar.


I think ladymama is responding to joey123 who logged on a couple of posts below this and viciously attacked Joe Cortez for Parkinson’s shortcomings. I think some people might think she is addressing to Joe Cortez in this post but I think she is talking about joey123.


yes cindy I meant joey123, if anyone though I meant Joe Cortez they didnt read the thing, which wouldn’t surprise me. Sorry to Mr Cortez if it seemed I was Attacking you at all I just get ill reading the drivel of the un informed and the scared


Sometimes people read from the top down. Since your post wasn’t attached to Joey123’s post they wouldn’t know until after they had judged it. I knew they thought you were addressing Joe Cortez because you had so much red on a reasonable opinion, flagging sensible post’s with red is uncharacteristic of this thread.


I wish you were right Cindy but there seems to be some creepos or fans of Ian’s who delight in flagging even neutral stuff. All we can do is go on, tell the truth and see what happens.


Well sure, of course there are always those people around but not to the extent that ladymama got hit so hard and so fast.


There is an old saying in politics that ‘if you want to learn about your family tree, then run for office because someone will look under every rock and into every crevasse.” Any candidate should know their vulnerabilities and anticipate where questions might come up.

The problems this candidate had only multiplied when he was less than forthcoming to repeated email attempts by Dave Congalton to gain some clarification…. this shouldn’t have been a big deal… he should have stated the facts (whatever he viewed them to be) and stood tall. However, that is not what happened.

I don’t expect folks to be perfect who run for elective office… but they need to fess up to their mistakes, take ownership of any perceived problems, offer solutions/ remedies and be ‘transparent’ with the media and the public.

If he were elected to the office of Sheriff, I would not expect him to take a poll, see which way the wind was blowing or hesitate before facing a concerned public with any allegations toward his department or himself with honesty and integrity.

He still sounds like he is ‘spinning his story’ and looking for something that will sound better to the public.

Roger Freberg


Nice post Roger, but I don’t specifically see anything new in it!


You got to love politics. So what’s the real story? The real story is Joe Cortez.. Here’s the plan: He is going to do whatever he and his people (see below) can do to discredit Parkinson (there’s more coming I’m sure) so Joe can make the cut for November. Good old dirty politics. Brennler, Strobridge, Perry, Velie (the usual suspects) and now Congalton (Dave I thought you were better…Guess not) on board for this conspiracy . If Joe makes the cut than he goes after the other guy probably Lenthall ( plenty dirty there). That’s what this is all about…simply a power play from a little man with a big ego.

Well Joe two can play that game and I am sure you have skeletons in the old closet to. Just a few I can think of right now are that “thing” about you and an employee your lovely bride is not going to be to happy about and what about that planning issue you “fixed” with the city of Pismo Beach on your wife‘s businesses? I almost forget so why were you going to be fired from your last Chief job before Pismo?

I don’t much care who win’s this race. Not much will change and the people will continue to pay through the nose for cops who think they are over worked and underpaid


Did I hear a waaaaaan, in that blog or was it just me, truth be known HE DIDN’T PAY HIS TAXES ON TIME AND HAD PLENTY OF MONEY TO PAY THEM, WAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lot of blah blah blah in the post above, and I hesitate to respond to it at all, but it makes me wonder.

This poster and others are assuming/asserting Dale Strobridge is a player in this can of worms.

Isn’t Strobridge a wheel in the DSA?

And isn’t Parkinson the DSA’s pick?

What am I missing?


Joey, You log on here and blame Cortez for an article surrounding Parkinson and his own poor judgment. Then in the next breath you scream ‘politics’. Couldn’t possibly be what it is, it has to be someone’s fault like Cortez? Supporters like you aren’t doing Parkinson any favors. As for this next cute little number that you dropped (refer to Cortez), “I can think of right now are that “thing” about you and an employee your lovely bride is not going to be to happy about”, what a joke.

I’ll give you a real piece of substantiated philandering data, it’s a known fact that your boy Ian was and might still be having an affair with that psycho police officer that went over the top and attacked Babbo in his own home. The one that held his eyes open so she could pepper spray him a second time while her friends sat on him. Don’t recall if her name is Amy or Crystal off hand. I also know that CCN has known about it for a long time, because I know people who tipped the reporter so take your foolish games somewhere else.


I just googled ,Babbo + san luis obispo police. That’s one heck of a story. Those officers were out of control, not unlike some of the deputies that were ‘accidentally’ killing citizens a few years back. Those officers aren’t fit to serve, I can’t believe they got out of that with a slap on the wrist while the public all paid the $$$ out for another case of excessive force. This crap has got to stop.

What crossed my mind is that those officers sound like they might have been into Limon and McDow’s stash that night, their judgment was obtuse, their behavior was completely irrational. Now I hear that Captain Parkinson has his hands full of more than just his employees behavior.

I don’t think Ian is the man to clean house and we sure need a house cleaning. Some of these LEO are unfit and dangerous.


So, tell us something, Joey — how is all this a conspiracy? Karen Velie has the lien story on Parkinson for a full year and choose not to publish it. She changes her mind only after your guy is less than forthcoming on the radio in response to a question about his liens. It seems to me that if you’re going to be upset with anyone, it should be Captain Parkinson. Why don’t you call him up and ask him why he didn’t answer the question in more detail?

The only conspiracy here is by you and your cohorts trying to detract from the issue by attacking Karen and myself. Captain Parkinson has no one to blame but himself for this coverage.


I recommend to those with a delutional conspiracy theories to attend a twelve step program or a good church and save yourselves.


Well, nice smoke screen but no brass ring for you Joey. You should have called into the show when Cortez was on if you want to get some public reckoning from him. You may have info of interest to us but just using it to cover for Ian isn’t cool. Ian is in a bind or not, doesn’t matter why or who. But Dave answered those issues anyway. You’ll never get any credibility on this site blasting Karen or Dave with vague accusations. Unfortunately a strong candidate has been sinking himself, that is always sad. And Mike and Dale should be kept out of these talks unless they jump in, we are all oh-so tired of people using them for whipping posts-its all BS.


Sorry Man about this post dudes. I thought how things worked on this site was you throw out a little bit of truth than spin it. Just trying to fit in…….. Back to my smoke I am truly feeling bad right now……


Ha, I just went back and read your 5/15 @ 8:03pm post Joey123. I was curious how much of this latest was your sarcasm and how much honestly “might be” coming from an apologetic stoner. I noticed the following from that post,

“I don’t much care who win’s this race. Not much will change and the people will continue to pay through the nose for cops who think they are over worked and underpaid”.

I think you are serious when you say you are sorry and was just trying to fit in. The fact is that we don’t make things up or throw out a little bit of rumor and “then spin it”. The majority of people here are serious and the issues are heartfelt. One thing for sure is that you sure don’t like Cortez. That’s OK. The rest wasn’t.


I think Ian Parkinson or a member of Ian’s Committee called Joey and begged him to shut up before he ends up soliciting more unwanted disclosures. Like the one we all heard about from Paul Jones last night. Paul even named names.


Ian Parkinson didn’t,”Parkinson did not remember them because the amounts were so small.”

Seems to me, if he get’s elected he would also forget about all the little people, to hell with this corrupt county I have lived here since 1962, I have seen it go from paradise to hell, all because of corrupt individuals like,_______________,___________________,____________________,

you fill in the blanks but you will need a whole page, would Ian Parkinson go after the Gearhart Hurst Gang, he has probably had Gearhart to dinner, and plays golf with Miller, all these top cops are over paid while the private sector starves. Elect the one who shows the most common sense. In this county it could very well be ,,,,,, the Janitor. $8.50 an hour compared to what $250,000 a year. He will continue to create more and more of the have and the have not’s.


Cheseburger, I really hope that the FBI gets Gearhart, Miller, Courtney and Melanie. You deserve to get your money back and I hope they find enough hidden somewhere for all of you, especially you and BTDT to. :)


Thanks Nancy, but if Robert M. Jones, slides like a snake out of Nancy Meek’s Forgery chargers,

(WHICH HAVE BEEN PROVEN FRAUDULENT BY A FORENSICS EXPERT,) I and others will start loosing hope believe it or not, we are washing our clothes in the backyard on a rock because of these people, thank you for you un-dieing support and all the others who believe in right and wrong.


Miller and his little baby Courtney have over 1200 victims, most of them vandalized by gearhead as well. And then there are the 3500 hundred victims of Estate Financial, who’s principal crooks Guth and Yaguda got off with little more than a slap on the wrist.

I have called the detective in charge of these things in the ATPD four times, he won’t even call back. The DA is worthless, our sheriff is a crook/incompetent as far as I can tell. Many of our county cop chiefs are floundering in controversy (not to mention the creepy sheriff), many county officials and street cops have cost us a fortune by their irresponsible behavior and greedy cash grabs while supplying little if any services for which they were hired. The courts take forever and do little in the end with high level crooks. Chese has made good points, while we eat rice (if we can afford it) Jones and all the parasites mentioned above have martinis on us. They are probably laughing all the way to the bank. It’s quite maddening…

I bring all this up again because it is germane to the issue before us. Ian seems to have almost all the juice to be a good drinking partner or some such thing, and he might be a great guy. But we need someone as sheriff who takes care of business and can explain their issues with clarity and honesty. I don’t think we got that. I would like to see cops that aggressively pursue the real parasites in our society and leave the rest of us alone. Looks like we have had the opposite.


AMEN, well done Hotdog, know of any used washers, my wife loves rice, so it’s not going to kill me but, I’ll never eat another cheeseburger, thanks to the District Attorney who called me in 09 and promised he would have an arrest by the closing of that year, I’m sure it was taken out of his hands by Kevin McCarthy who did not want to be dragged into the issue,

(1.5 million from Gearhart to McCarthy) quote from Gearhart ,” WE HAVE AN ASSEMBLYMAN IN OUR POCKET ” I guess he put that money towards his campaign and it worked, none of the accused are in jail or even investigated and the suspension of Hurst”s license seems to be the laugh of “A” town. I need a real lawyer who will go after Stewart Title like Creel, Chuck Ladel’s lawyer, in this town only the rich have a fighting chance, in pro per’s are the lunch meat of the Bankruptcy Courts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at the low rating on my post, my point is proven, put a hat on it and know one will know, I am becoming a prick in some one’s side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more thing the have’s can vote the have not’s don’t have a computer and only get a half hour at the library,,,,, ah,,,,,, the luxury of being rich,,,, I remember the good old day’s,,,,,let’s face it after Hurst and Gearhart and Shea’s response, if you can’t write your own money off and like it, or write your own lawsuit, to spite it, might as well admit being stupid enough to have stayed here so long, pack it up and go live in a third world country, like Agentina, Gearhart hasn’t legally got there yet, could be where he’s hiding the money though.


All right already enough with the Karen bashing, I was the caller using the name Ben, I do not know Karen,Dave IAN, or Mike Brennler. I did my own homework on what I thought should be known about a man taking over a law enforcement agency. Sometimes candidates are so close that something like the way a man governs his own household budget tells a story, something about what is important enough to remember when you are putting yourself live on the air.

I expect that when all things are considered equall we must scrutinize on the basis of a mans entire body of work. This week has brought to light a unique flaw in the character of one candidate, I asked the question on the air, his answIf Iwere a plant or hatcheter floored me as I held the papers in my hand knowing otherwise. NOW PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE, if Iwer a plant or a mudslinger with an agenda I could have and most certainly would have used the moment in grandest of fashions by immediately faxing it to the show for Dave to confront and humiliate the candidate, I instead sent it the next day in an effort to show Dave that someone came into his house and lied, or whatever Ian is calling it, a slip of memory.

I dont know these guys and gals, I do know the damge a bad sheriff can do when he forgets stuff, google Mike Corona, the recent ORANGE COUNTY sheriff indicted and awaiting sentencing for all manner of slips of memory and personal character flaws. I lived there and saw it coming, a good looking man with no business running a sheriffs dept but garnered deep pockets in his campaigns and was guided into it by people who could benefit from his office, he is now a criminal. Quite simply everyone evaluate a candidate by what he has actually done right, proper education and transparency, good budget management at the highest level in law enforcement you can get, in the same breath give equal looks at the mistakes , flaws, and misteps he makes in life and on the job and realize our county needs someone who has done it and knows how to manipulate the waters.

Not a polititcian who when he loses again will run for something else and say he’s best for it too, not a CHP sergeant, and no one who has been inside the dept so long he hasnt been able to make a significant change for the better while being a part of its command staff.

I hold no allegance to a certain man just a mans verifiable body of work at the highest level, higher than any of the other candidates, he’s there folks, cut through your personal agendas and see that if there were a boss interviewing these candidates for the job and examining each man on his total work product and personal character there is only one candidate up to the task. I also know why that is, not a lot of cops want to be put through the political wringer and be exposed for their shortcomings. We ought to be thankful someone qualified, that has no political agenda beyond making the sheriffs dept strong again. Leave Karen Viele alone quit pointing fingers I did it alone and will continue to ask the tough questions of them all.


“Really Karen. Come on. I thought you claimed to be a true investigative reporter. ”

She is the best I seen and we are lucky to have her here in the Central Coast!

Between New Times and CCN, CCN is hot!” Well , there isn’t much better out there. How long has Dave been hanging around? Too long for sure! I remember back when he used to wine about his dog and cats. That gets old after awhile. The only real cool person that is fun to listen to is Bill Benica. He always comes off as having new and fresh material. Not like some of these who keep rolling over used, old, left overs. But then again, when your San Luis Obispo, what do you expect?


My comment was a narrow “reply” not a broad statement

I will be more careful how I word things


“The only real cool person that is fun to listen to is Bill Benica. He always comes off as having new and fresh material.” Yeah, right; the “new and fresh material” Bill comes up with every day is the Tribune; he literally reads it on air, with attribution. If that is a “cool person” to you, knock yourself out, tune him. But Bill Benica cannot hold a candle to Dave Congalton in running a local program that interacts with our community and brings occasional controversy to the airwaves. You don’t have to listen to Dave if you don’t want to, but seriously suggest that Bill Benica has a better program, what the hell are you smoking?


Hey, I’ll listen to Bill any day. He may read the newspaper but at least it’s real. Not this daily crap that Dave brings. Yep, your right, I don’t have to listen to Dave but on the other hand, I don’t need to find Dave on the web either. He’s old hat like Dave Romero and the rest of those idiots of San Luis Obispo At one time, Dave was cool but now all he does on the radio is chase dirt on everyone and anyone and I for one am tired of hearing about it. KVEC needs to come of Age and hire someone that is up with the times


This seals the deal for me. We need someone from outside the existing structure of county law enforcement circles. We need someone who can be trusted. I will now definitely be voting for Teixeira.


I also like Tex, I am torn between Tex and Cortez. I know Cortez plans to reinstall the ‘Internal Affairs Board”. Where does Tex stand on that?


I am going for Cortez as of now. He seems to be the most humane and qualified candidate. Check his ads and question those claims if you will-if true he is clean and competent. And above all he seems to be a nice guy who won’t throw our money away on any personal vendettas. Jerry just announced grass as a gateway drug (seems to me this have been proven false by many authorities) so he would probably do what the last creep did on numerous occasions.



Apparently you are dismayed over the public revelations that bring your candidate under scrutiny but perhaps you should reassess such loyalty.

Advocating that such matters are swept under the carpet is not in the public interest. We have already had too much of that type of behavior from government officials and this has caused our communities massive headaches and litigation.

The public has the right to know about such matters, particularly when they are indicative of a candidate’s character, integrity and judgment. I would argue that there is a nexus between these tax issues and a candidate’s potential for fiscal responsibility. This is particularly pertinent, considering that the Sheriff must oversee a multimillion dollar, taxpayer funded budget.

You questioned if I was the one who discovered and notified the reporter Velie of the tax liens. I was not, although I appreciate that someone raised the tax lien issues, as it is definitely something that the voters should evaluate in considering who should be their next Sheriff.

As related to other issues, I was the one who publicly questioned Mr. Parkinson’s integrity in regards to a past promotional exam, wherein his brother, an attorney, composed the answers to an essay question which was then considered by the oral board. Perhaps you think such behavior is acceptable but I would argue that the vast majority of citizens would disagree.

I also raised the issue of how Mr. Parkinson advanced so quickly to the rank of Captain without having acquired a college degree (AA or BA), which most California law enforcement agencies require before attaining such executive law enforcement positions.

But perhaps the biggest issue of all, is the manner in which Mr. Parkinson’s has addressed the questions raised by the media, as it is quite apparent he has been less than candid.

I for one, expect our next Sheriff to be open and honest.

Mike Brennler

PS Freakout : In the name of transparency perhaps you should step out from the veil of anonymity, identify your relationship to Mr. Parkinson and we can debate the issue further, publically if you would like.


Oh Mikey. I wondered how long it would be before you would throw down the reveal yourself card. So predictable. I’ve never claimed to be transparent. I’m not going to reveal who I am. I’m still on the job and don’t want to get called into the Chiefs office and told to let it go. Plus I’m kind of a wimp and suck up to the admin. So, save the anticipated name calling. I would love to respond more to your post but don’t have the time right now. Tune in again later. I know you’ll be sitting anxiously by your computer waiting.


When you return would you please at least attempt to lift your blinders a bit? I’m not saying that you don’t have your points but your posts tend to dismiss all reasonable discourse at times. I would be interested to hear what you have to tell us about Ian and his convoluted academic history that begs more question than resolve.


Mike it’s the chese, great post, I wish you were running for sheriff, transparency accountability and a true commitment to serve, you have all those qualities, what’s going on with the Jones case a little off topic but, I can’t find a shred of script anywhere did our district attorney deep six Nanci Meek’s and Detective Plumm’s case against Grigger Jones? I try to stay on topic but, I need this information for legal reasons, P.S. I am anonymous for fear of retaliation from Ohio. Or Morro rd. Atascadero.

Thanks keep up the good work, please don’t leave us, this county needs people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!